You Had Me at Porch…

I love me a good porch.

Y’all know I wanted to buy this old house, just for the porch. 
This is mine:

Not exactly my dream.  But I make do.
This is the porch I dream about every Fall:
I see I’m not alone in my unhealthy affection for pumpkins.
I like this one too. It brings out my inner farmer:
And wouldn’t this look smashing on a porch?

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A Good Place to Dream

I have always dreamed of a beautiful bedroom.  And my dreams-they are not lofty. I didn’t even dream of the finest furnishings or the most gorgeous decor, because who am I kidding?  I have three accident-prone kids, two cats who don’t like each other, and a messy hubby living with me.  
I just wanted a bedroom that spoke to me and felt like me.  And one that didn’t have padded walls and straight-jackets on hand.  I’m just saying.
I love old things.  But I didn’t want an old bed because I knew it would likely be another decade before I had money and my hubby’s consent on such a project.  
So, we shopped the scratch and dent section at a nearby furniture store and smiled pleasantly at the eye-rolling sales people when we bought mismatched bedroom
We painted the walls chocolate brown and I found that quilt for $40! (I always be king for my queen bed, so it covers more. Plus one of the people who sleeps in that bed is a cover-hog. Ahem).
Above my bed:
Our slightly scratched furniture didn’t include a dresser mirror. So, I saved the one from our old worn-out furniture (which I sold in the newspaper for $300!). I’m mixing up the colors of the wood here. But I love it!

My favorite part of the room, is the bench at the foot of the bed.  I drug my hubby through a flea market for two days until I found it.  Because I’m a thrifty bully.
I squealed when I stumbled upon that rug.  It’s the reverse print of my quilt.  I didn’t embarrass myself though because the employees at TJ Maxx know me.  (Although that embarrasses my hubby!)
Old stuff from my in-law’s farm and photos of my kids complete the top of the armoire.  
The antique (replica) laundry basket holds the pillows I throw off my bed at night.
I found this curio cabinet at a garage sale!
And this old door?  Yes, it speaks to me.
So, does the $40 leopard print chair I bought off Ebay!

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Fakin’ It

I’m fakin’ it.

Didn’t even know it until The Nester pointed it out.
She’s helpful like that!
I’m joining a slew of other people who have strong feelings regarding the artificial fruit and flower. 
Please don’t feel sorry for us. We are happy in our pretend world.
I have real flowers and  fresh what-nots so seldom that everyone thinks company is coming when I break down and buy the real stuff.
Here’s a taste of my fake decorative touches (and after viewing some of these items more closely, I think I need to clean my house and maybe toss a thing or two out):
I bought this little cage for $1 at a garage sale.  It’s the perfect place to stick my fall festivities:

And don’t look too closely at this little darling –the dust will make you sneeze.

I need a tutorial on floral arranging 101, but here’s my best shot:

This is actually a Christmas decoration I bought 75% off at Hallmark.  The red berries and pears make me happy, so it gets to stay out all year long!
Garage sale:  $2  (And it has feathers!)
The only thing fake about this picture is the foliage, because our love is the real thing!
As I searched my house for all the fakes, I started to turn introspective as the apron hanging in my kitchen began to mock me.  
I won’t even discuss the look my drawer full of padded undergarments gave me. 
 But when this sign hanging in my living room waved it’s finger at me:
I replied, “Don’t judge me, I getting there.”
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It’s Almost Fall, Y’all!

*UPDATE* Well.  You guys offered some great guesses as to the great pumpkin mystery number…as last count, I had 87 pumpkin-y type things.  The closest person was Erica (no link, no email, nada) No one else was really close.  So, Miss Erica please email me or I’ll have to make my official number 88 ;D

Welcome to my Fall Tour 
and my favorite time of the year…..

I’ve taken pictures of some of my favorite things (I make myself wait until Labor Day to break out my orange friends!): 

My entryway antique-dresser-turned-table.  I love stacking artificial and real pumpkins on candlesticks!

One of my favorite pumpkins is actually a toddler loves digging her nails into the wax.  It just adds character!

This is my dining room.  I love to keep it ready for unexpected guests.

I finally found something to stick into my $4 urn! That pumpkin is so happy.

Fun block letters spell out my favorite season in an art niche above the stairwell.

Even my laundry room is in the mood for fall.  
I love filling jars with seasonal items.
It’s this tiny pumpkin’s special day to be on display.  
I adore these impractical, fussy leaf plates. (I got them half off last year).
Can you find the white pumpkin?
Leave a comment and guess how many pumpkins or pumpkin-shaped items I have in my house.  If someone guesses the exact number, I’ll send them something divinely pumpkin and fabulous! I’ll announce the number at the end of the week…
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I Feel a Makeover Coming On!

*Updated* Thank you for all the laundry tips!  
You guys are awesome! 
I CAN’T WAIT to show you my laundry room makeover….
Congrats to Amanda on winning the sign. I will email you.

(Stay for a giveaway that will encourage you to do laundry, all while delighting your spouse!)

Laundry is my nemeses. My foe. My arch rival. The bane of my existence, the thorn in my flesh, the thief of my joy.

I may have gotten a little carried away. Sorry.

But I think you get the picture.

It’s not so much the chore itself. It’s just that I’m never done.  

I used to get very frustrated.  I would work all day to catch up and then two days later, the mounds would be out of control. Again.

And then I realized something. Call me intuitive, but I finally understood why there was always laundry:

Because the people in my house keep wearing clothes.

I know, it’s powerful.

But that helped me. I still do laundry, a little every day 
or none. I know it will be there, waiting for me.

Since I spend a lot of time in that room, 
it occurred to me that I would feel better if I decorated it.  
Right now, it’s pitiful.

So, I shared my deep laundry concerns with my hubby. 
And guess what? We started on a small renovation in the tiny clothes preparing place since I spend so much time in there.

I can’t wait to share the results, as soon as I, well, finish it.

But I think you’re going to like it.

Until then, I bought this:

Because it made me laugh.

And beca
use it was $4.00. That’s almost free!

Guess what? There were two signs, for $4.00!  
So, I bought you one.  

Yeah, you, the lucky random reader who comments on this 
post before 10 pm (CST Tuesday night) and gives me a laundry tip!

Here’s my tip: I have found that doing laundry without pants on, is just plain interesting.

See? It’s a great sign!

A Place to Stick It

I love organizing paraphernalia. (I also like that word).

I’m a sucker for a pretty box or an odd-shaped basket.
Just stick me in the container aisle with a glass of sweet tea and I’ll be happy for life.
Even though I put my OCD to good use and live in a fairly clean, organized home, I still battle clutter.  And toys. Everywhere.  
And so, I’ve attacked these areas with a plethora of containers!  
Isn’t it amazing how three matching boxes (Ikea $2.50 for 2) in a row look so swell?  Inside those boxes?  Hundreds of unorganized photos dating all the way back to my ‘fro.
Inside this modern secretary desk (from Ikea)? None ‘o you beeswax.  It’s a mess.
Here’s three more matching baskets that hold all the junk fine linens that won’t fit into my dining room hutch. Looks like it’s time to clean those out.  I have no idea what’s in them.
I love this little basket with a handle.  I don’t have enough kitchen drawers and every time my kids dig in the silverware drawer for a pencil or glue, my head spins around in circles and I would foam in the mouth.
It wasn’t pretty.  At all.
And so, I hung the basket over my vintage shoe drying rack, now being used as a kitchen catch-all!
And all the books and papers and stuff that collect on my kitchen counter?
I stick them in this red wire basket.  Because what exactly is better than a basket that is red? Not much, my friends.
(Try not to judge me by the title of that book, Making Your Children Mind without Losing Yours. It’s summer and I’d like to keep my mind. Enough said).
This little gem was found at Canton, the world’s largest flea market and heaven on earth for people like me.  It’s a reproduction and not the finest of furnishings, but each box comes out 
and is the perfect toy holder, dontchathink?  It makes me very happy.
I love this giant garage sale basket.  It stored my hubby’s dress shirts that needed to go to the cleaners until I confiscated it for more toys.
And this?  Oh, my!  My hubby rolled his eyes at this idea (yes, he did)! I’ve turned this antique laundry basket into a container to hold an extra quilt next toour bed.  I also toss all the fancy throw pillows from my bed into at night, so Alice the Cat, won’t feel compelled to lay on them. I think I would grab this basket if my house caught on fire and roll it through the house throwing things in it.  
That’s called an Emergency Plan.  You’re welcome.
Even tiny baskets can help you gather similar items.  My remote control basket comes in handy.
I’m throwing this one in for just for fun.  Because I’m not so obsessive that I have to organize my bread, but don’t you just love this little red box?  I found it at TJMaxx for $5.99 and thought it would make the perfect bread box.
I like to think of this as the mother of all basket-organizing.  She is great and mighty:  The Ikea book shelf.  I went back to Ikea every month for about a year to buy baskets for this thing.  This piece is quite an investment.  But since our playroom doubles as our TV room, toys fit nicely in all those baskets.
So, baskets and boxes are my tip for great organization.