Do-It-For-Others: Project 1

I really hope that you’ll join me in making a difference through the projects and stick around for some great gift ideas too. You don’t even have to be crafty! I will pick easy projects each month that you can do with your family.
Our first project:
Fleece Blankets for Hospice
Hospice is such a needed organization. They come in at the end of someone’s life and help ease the tremendous burden from the family. They are needing fleece lap blankets for their patients.
I love this idea: to make one blanket, buy 2 fleece baby blankets at the Dollar Store (most $1 stores carry these). Tying two of the baby blankets together makes the perfect size and weight needed for adult lap blankets. So, basically, you’re just putting the blankets together!
We bought ten blankets for $10 and this will make five blankets for Hospice. Our kids are helping too! You can do one or twenty. (If you don’t have a Dollar Store near you, you can also get fleece at WalMart or any fabric store. One yard, should make about two lap blankets.
  • Fringe the edges by cutting approximately 2″ strips on each blanket.
  • Lay them on top of each other and match up the strips to tie into knots.
  • Repeat this on all four sides. Actually, I just showed a tutorial a few weeks ago, and here is another.
Project Deadline: Jan. 31 (please try to send them to be received by this date) because the next project will be announced the first week of February.

PLEASE tell me in the comments if you’re participating. I won’t actually announce the number of blankets until I receive them. But you can check back on my sidebar to see the ongoing count of received blankets.
When you’ve completed your blanket(s), please email me and I will give you a p.o. box to mail it to. I will send all the collected blankets together in one shipment.