DIYP-CheeseCloth Rosette Pins

I have a new love. 

Her name is cheesecloth (no cheese involved, sorry).
We’re exclusive.
Well. Except that you can buy it at WalMart and all craft stores, especially this time of year with all the fruitcakes. You know what I mean.
I made a cheesecloth rosette on this burlap pillow, remember?
Well. I think they look pretty cute grouped on a plain pillow:

Or as a pin for a shirt.
Wouldn’t these make great teacher gifts? So easy and inexpensive!

Here’s a slideshow showing how to make them: 

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Some other gift ideas I love:
Gift jars-cute idea!
Paper flowers-Last-minute, inexpensive
Cupcake Bath Bombs– this is on my Christmas wish list!

DIYP-Handmade Gift Idea: Art

This is such an easy idea and I think it makes a unique (expensive-looking) gift!

You can create this gift on any scale, a small piece of art for a desk or a large piece of art for your friend’s empty mantel. It’s up to you!
Here’s what you need: a blank canvas and a vinyl decal (large canvas for large decal, small canvas for small decal)
In the pictures below, I used an 18×24. Every week our local paper has 40-50% off coupons for Hobby Lobby and Michaels Arts & Crafts and I clip them just in case. I also found the vinyl decal at Marshalls. Etsy has a huge selection and many craft store are now carrying them.
This is the one I found:

But I love this small chandelier decal for a small canvas (only $3.50!) or this one in white ($6) with a black painted canvas. Be creative!
I removed the decal and decided not to use the chain. I placed it face down on the canvas and followed the instructions which are to lightly rub the decal with a credit card.

So simple!!
And it makes a stunning piece of art to give.

Or keep.
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DIYP-Beaded Utensils

  • Stainless steel serving utensil w/hole in the top
  • 20-gauge silver craft wire
  • various beads of choice.  I like glass beads.
  • Wire cutters or heavy duty kitchen scissors to cut wire
  • Jewelry pliers

Detailed instructions here
(I use my beaded spoon to stir my sweet tea. For Christmas, I’m giving my Mom and Mother-in-law the Life pitcher and this platter. 

I LOVE this line from Dayspring so much! It makes me happy to use it and to give it. And, it’s on sale right now. The Life Collection is 15% off, just in time for holiday shopping!)
Here are some gift ideas I love (for kids):
Kid’s Meals -such a creative idea
Handmade Ornaments-I love these!
P.S. Come back later today for the PERFECT gift idea from your kids-for that hard to buy for person (Yes, Mom, I’m talking about you-but don’t come back and see what you might be getting for Christmas!) Oh, and I’m giving TWO of them away!

DIYP-Custom Monogramed Burlap Pillows

This is by far my favorite handmade gift this season and I’m just getting started!  I’m making a ton of these and if you are related to me, there may be some burlap in your future.
I’ve only bought burlap once. It’s a long story, but it involves me, a children’s Christmas program and an ornery 5 year old dressed up like a camel.  So, you could say I’ve been a little slow to the whole use-burlap-in-your-home-decor-fad.
Until now. 
My friend Karen and I made these right before Thanksgiving:
Love it.
So, here’s what I came up with:
Supplies: Freezer paper (you can read how to use it here)
Burlap -any fabric store (even Wal Mart)
X-acto knife
Pillow stuffing
Sewing machine
In 6 easy steps, here we go:
  • Print out a letter (For the “C” pillow above, I used the Edwardian Script font and sized it at 400 in a Word document), lay freezer paper of the letter, cut it out with an X-acto (this is definitely the hardest part).
  • Place the freezer paper stencil over the burlap square (all my pillows are different sizes, burlap is so forgiving) and make sure you put something under the burlap because the paint will bleed through.
  • Iron the paper onto the burlap (freezer paper lightly sticks waxy side down)
  • Paint the letter. After it dries, peel off the freezer paper.
  • Sew the pillow pieces together, leaving room to stuff and about a 1″ hem. 
  • Fray the edges (the 1″ you left from the seam). This is the fun part. Just pull the threads and they unravel in a most becoming frayed edge!

So. Easy.
Nice gift, eh?

I’m linking up to Just a Girl‘s “I can make that Party” and Kimba’s DIY day!

DIYP:Last Minute Costumes

I don’t like buying costumes, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of money making them!
For my girls, we used clothes we had and bought kitty cat accessories. My sister and Mom made my toddler’s black TuTu. Here are instructions for making them several different ways.
This kitten found her mittens:

at the Fall Festival


And my son is a Blue Lego made from recycled boxes and cups:

Here are the detailed Lego costume instructions.
Did you make a costume? Leave the link in the comments!
I’m looking forward to November and Thanksgiving…….. I love this cute, inexpensive Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table!

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Fall Seasonal:
Halloween Costumes (year 1, year 2)

DIYP-A Mirror on a Mirror

I have this plane jane (no offense jane) large standard mirror in my master bathroom. Ever since I saw The Nester hang a mirror over a mirror, I’ve been hunting for a large round one to hang over the mirror I have.
But those suckers are expensive. 
But at a garage sale the other day, I found this mirror for TEN BUCKS. It was pretty ornate and gaudy gold, but it had promise. Plus, did I mention TEN BUCKS?
(here it is leaning casually against my bathroom mirror)

(do you know HOW HARD it is to take a picture of a mirror without also capturing a body part?)
I debated on paint color. Initially I thought ivory, but my cabinets are white, so I went with chocolate spray paint since  I have a lot of bronze accents. I taped off the glass with the comic section, so I could multi task and read the funnies:
I found this fancy hook at Hobby Lobby for $3 and my hubby hung wire from the back of the mirror to the hook. Don’t you like the color better now?
In order to hide the wire, I just tucked some pretty ribbon around it:
I really love the way it turned out. The mirror makes my whole bathroom look unique!

(I took this picture standing on the corner of the tub. On my tippy toes. But I’m not going to tell you how many retakes there were!)
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DIYP-Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Have y’all seen the artificial, carve-able pumpkins?
They look so real:

I waited until they were 50% off and bought three.
I saw this really cute idea on the DIY network: a lighted pumpkin topiary.
There are even tools to carve the fake pumpkins. My arms got their first work out in quite awhile opening up these babies:
I traced and cut leaf shapes in one:

To make ‘stars’, I drilled holes with a drill [insert manly grunt here]:
I cut a hole in each pumpkin at the bottom and the top (except for the smallest one on top). I then ran a strand of mini lights, hanging them on little cup hooks I lightly screwed into the foam pumpkin skin. 
Gluing the pumpkins together was tricky. Hot glue ended up being the best. I finally found a use for an urn I bought nearly a year ago (80% off)!
I love it, especially at night!

Now tell me you don’t love it! 
Click here for more detailed instructions.
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