DIYP-Fall Tablescape

I love fall. I love the changing weather, the colors, the pumpkin-flavored foods. It’s my favorite time of the year!
I’m not much of a Halloween decorator. I just don’t like dark expressions in my home decor. So, I decorate for Fall around Labor Day and leave it up until the day after Thanksgiving.
My entry table (which is actually an old dresser, sans the drawers turned shoe rack) is always decked out in seasonal decor.
Creating a fall table:
  • Think outside the box (or inside):

I stuck a pumpkin in my garage sale green house.
I found this wire cage in a FREE pile. It had broken terra cotta pots in it. I discarded them and saved the cage. I love it.
  • Use cheap colorful items (candy corn, pumpkin-shape potpourri and candles)

(This is the $1 Southern Living tray I found at a garage sale)

  • Mix heights on your table
  • Use items that are similar (domes)
  • It doesn’t take much to add a touch of fall-one pumpkin adds a splash of autumn!
What’s your favorite thing about fall?
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DIYP-Make a Fall Sign

My sweet real life friend of MayDay! MayDay! is super crafty.
Every time I visit her gorgeous home, I’m inspired.
She made a cute Fall sign and I knew it must be shared!
It’s very easy and inexpensive. 
$2 unfinished wooden plaque from WalMart
Black and white craft paint
First, I painted the wood black.
Then, I printed a large “W” (for my last name) and a picture of a crow (I Googled “crow clipart”)
I cut the inside of the letter and the crow, so that the white paper became a stencil:

I placed the ‘stencil’ on top of the black plaque and painted the inside of the crow white. I used a sponge brush:
I did the same thing with the “W”:

I stapled some leftover orange gingham ribbon to the back and hung it:
Love it!
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DIYP-I’ve Got Your Number

I flipped open the newest edition of Country Living this month and smiled at this page:

Who knew they were so in?
Well. Me, of course. (Not really, I just got lucky)!
I picked up this crock at a thrift store and decided it needed something. So, I taped a stencil to it:
Added some white paint:

I added a black two to my laundry soap jar:

And a three to a throw pillow:

I might be out of control since my stencils have many numerical possibilities.
My hubby said he’s waiting for me to put 24 on something (his Nascar #).
He’s got my number.

What do you think of numbers as decor? It’s in, you know!

DIYP-Another Chalkboard Project

I know. I’m losing it. Someone, please commit me.

To padded -chalkboard walls.
I can’t help myself. I love chalkboard paint!
I found this ugly tray for $1 at a garage sale (there was a price tag on the back for $19.99! I pity the poor soul who paid that much!)
Since I already had some half-used cans of spray paint and chalkboard paint, I’m pretty sure this is the cheapest DIY project I’ve ever done.
And they say money can’t buy happiness. P’shaw.
I primed the tray and after it dried, I spray painted it with a Satin Ivory:
Already looks better, huh?
I used a sponge brush and applied several coats of chalkboard paint.
So easy.
And now if could just have the message on the board come true!

When repurposing an item for a chalkboard:
  • Look at the shape of the item.
  • Don’t let the material scare you away. You can paint over old art, metal, mirrors, plastic, anything!
  • Prime first.
  • Use a sponge brush to apply chalkboard paint
  • Be brave and have fun! You can NEVER have too many chalkboards!
I stumbled upon a package of chalkboard wallpaper at a discount store for $5 a package: 
I’ve been wanting to try this out and I had the perfect spot for it: the inside doors to my craft cabinet. (Yes, I know it’s a mess, it’s on my to do list!)
Seriously, I applied this stuff in two minutes flat! I think it’s great and it was a lot easier than paint, but not as cheap.
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A Dip & A DIYP

I’m stepping out on a limb today and sharing two do-it-yourself projects!
Both are for the kitchen: one edible, the other not!
I’m sharing a DIYP and DIP (BooMama’s Diptacular):
#1 Here’s my favorite all time dip recipe: Spicy Cheese Dip

(It’s really just chile con queso with some fancy stuff like cream cheese added in).

  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1 Tablespoon of butter
  • 1 can of rotel
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • 4 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese
  • dash paprika
  • 1 can (4 ounces) chopped green chile peppers or FRESH if you can get it!
  • dash Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • tortilla chips

Preparation:Sauté onion in butter until tender. Add Rotel and stir. Slowly add the cream cheese and shredded cheese. Stir in paprika, peppers, Worcestershire sauce, and salt; continue cooking and stirring until cheese is melted and mixture is well blended.  Serve as a dip with tortilla chips. Keep warm in crockpot or chafing dish, if desired. 

Makes enough for me. You’ll have to make your own.

#2 I saw a fun sign this summer at Family Camp in
the bookstore. But it was $50. Enough said, huh?

My friend and I decided we could do it ourselves:
Items needed:
  • Canvas
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Nerves of steel or a steady hand

First, I painted my canvas cream:

Then I carefully drew lightly with a pencil a diamond pattern. This was the hardest part and a stencil would have come in handy!

And then, I added the words (and the small dinner plate above):

I love it above my pantry door!

DIYP-Trash to Treasure

This is how my beautiful DaySpring pitcher I ordered for a gift arrived by FedEx the other day:

Broken. Imperfect.
I emailed my (in)courage friend and asked if she could arrange for another to be sent to me. She said yes! and replied, “I can’t wait to see what kind of do-it-yourself project you come up with using the broken one.”
Of course I already had great plans for it because I’m that creative!
But first I had to dig it from the trash can outside and remove 1,506 blades of grass my hubby had just dumped on top of it.
So, even though the trash to treasure idea wasn’t mine, I was excited about the possibilities!
I decided to make my first mosaic.
I placed the pitcher in a pillowcase and used a hammer to break it into small pieces:
I bought a $1 patio paver and laid out the broken tiles:
I used a waterproof, non-toxic glue to adhere the pieces to the paver:

Next, the fun part: grout. I bought a small bag at a craft store and mixed the powder with water (I’ve never done this before so I just winged it)! I smoothed the compound on top of the tiles with a good kitchen spatula:
And wiped away the excess with a sponge:
I let it dry overnight:
I put it in my front flower bed so I can see it everyday.
It’s a good reminder that useless and broken things can be changed into something good!
Just like me.
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DIYP-Making Summer Memories Permanent

My kids love gathering seashells from the beach.

We have a small collection of shells and they are scattered around the house.
I saw this idea years ago in a magazine and I’ve always wanted to try it.
But let me tell y’all, even though I managed to finish this project, it was doomed from the beginning.
I found a wooden tray at Goodwill when we arrived at Family Camp a day early. It was perfect for this project.
It also looks perfect on the dresser in the cabin, because that’s where I accidentally left it.
I found another, not nearly as charming, but cheap at Hobby Lobby’s half price aisle.

I used the remainder of a can of Satin Ivory Indoor Paint I had in the garage to give it a crisp look.
My kids helped me arrange all of our small seashells. We even dropped in some sand to make it look realistic.

Once we got it the way we wanted it, I sent them away because it was time to mix the chemicals. {Disclaimer: If your blog is title We are THAT family, don’t use chemicals. Ever.}
I found this clear pour-on high gloss hardening epoxy at the craft store. It is not cheap, even with a coupon I spent $10. But we’re talking about priceless memories here, so I justified it.
There are very specific instructions for mixing and remixing the two chemicals. I poured the mixture on top of the shells and sand. It takes hours to dry and it makes a hard, clear, plastic-like surface over the shells.
I put the tray on top of my refrigerator to keep little hands away.

That seemed like an absolutely perfect solution. And it would have been if the epoxy hadn’t leaked thru the half-price tray onto the top of my fridge, creating a very permanent fixture.
I’m not even kidding.
It took my hubby a terrible amount of time with a hammer and chisel to remove it. The top of the fridge was left with a couple of scratches that will tell a funny story. Some day.
He is a good man.

But amazingly, the tray ended up unscathed in it’s epic battle.

I whitewashed a little blue paint on the edges of the tray to make the seashells pop and it turned out pretty cute.

It’s a nice reminder of a great summer.

DIYP: Little Hands

I absolutely, completely and totally fell in LOVE with this project featured in Country Living Magazine:
And if I’m (the hot glue princess) brave enough to attempt a project featuring The Needle and The Thread, you should be too! It was actually very easy.
First, I bought three small embroidery hoops and spray painted them black.
I used the cross stitch fabric from the craft store:

I traced my kid’s hands right onto the hooped fabric:
With a blue sewing pencil since it erases mistakes easily:
I thought the sewing part would be challenging, but I just followed the lines:
I’ve finished my daughter’s and son’s. I haven’t actually traced my toddler’s hand yet, because that might require a sedative.
I have one to go.
I’m glad I don’t have eight kids.
They look pretty cute hanging over my silhouettes, don’t you think?

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