Family Gift: TableTalk Chalkboard PlaceMats {Free Printable}

I don’t regret turning our dining table into a chalkboard. We’ve already had some of the most amazing conversations and connections.

I think everyone should involve drawing and doodling with there dinnertime. It’s simply got my family talking!

But I know not everyone will make such a drastic choice.

The other night,  we made heart charts (drew what was in our heart). It was such a sweet time. I was going to share it with our dear family friends, but I knew they would never go for painting their beautiful table.

And that’s when I realized: I can give them chalkboard placemats for their table for Christmas! It was fun and easy to make and I enjoyed creating The Family Table Talk Guide {Free Printable}:

[I found $1 hard plastic placemats that had a cool design. I only painted one side, so the back still looks neat].

[I painted mine outside and found it works better with more than one coat].

Add this printable:
The Family Guide: Table Talk

Add some chalk and a festive ribbon:

And give it to someone you love!

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It’s Time to Share Your Tree

I love Christmas. And I love decorating.
Put them together?  
Oh, yes. 

We are trying to keep the focus on Christ this year. After all, we wouldn’t have the day without Him. It’s a struggle though.

But I like to weave The Savior throughout all of our traditions and even decorations.  
I asked my kids, “Why do we light up our tree?” They waited… “Because Jesus is the light of the season. And the Wisemen followed a light…and”
Call me corny, but I try.
We have a couple of family traditions: We read the Christmas story from The Bible (something my hubby did as a child) and we open a gift on Christmas Eve (something I did as a child). We also give each of our kids a special new ornament every year.
What are some traditions your family shares?
My tree:
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Thanksgiving clip art
It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to make a list of all the things for which we are thankful. Here’s my list so far:  
Family & friends
Sweet tea
Russian friends
Automobile DVD players
Tummy panel in slimming jeans
Target clearance aisles
Magic eraser
Mac n cheese
Poison control
My home
Pet doors
Padded braziers
Garage sales
Peppermint shakes & coffees
Things to laugh at
Clairol gray hair coverage
Cool weather
Having more than enough
Santa following me on Twitter (it helps with the bribery)
Toenail polish
Warm pajamas
Hot baths (and especially the last 4 together)
Tiny feet
Butterfly kisses
My parents

What’s on your list?

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