The Good News & The Bad News…

I have some news.

The good news is we are home! I’ve never been so happy to clean out a mildewed fridge. We heard power had been restored and we kissed the farm goodbye and headed home in a hurry. We’ve never made such good time and I’m thinking that’s miraculous considering 2/3 of our children are suffering with a plague called Hand-Foot-Mouth Virus. It is a lovely bug.

Thank you for all your prayers and sweet comments and good thoughts you sent our way.

Now, the bad news.

I have gained five pounds this past week.

And I hold Hurricane Ike completely responsible.

When we weren’t stumbling around in the dark, we were eating. We seriously put away some serious hurricane preparedness.

Even my toddler picked up on the necessity of a full belly. This is how I found her baby doll: 

If you add the new five pounds to the old six baby pounds I never lost, and couple that with the four pounds I’ve gained from sweet tea, you’ve got someone who needs to lose fifteen pounds, just to squeeze back in her clothes (that have gone up a size with every child).

And so, I think I’m getting fat, y’all (I realize that this is based on the eye of the beholder, but let me add that I am not exactly tall). And I’m on a dark and lonely road filled with vanilla Oreo cookies.

I need some accountability. And since you guys have been so helpful in my life, I thought I’d propose this idea:

I will take a picture of myself naked every week so you can watch the progress.

How’s that for some accountability?

Oh, I kid.

I know there would be vasts amounts of internet jealousy.

And puking. Lots of puking.

So, first, I need ideas. How do I lose fifteen pounds? (please do not suggest I give up sweet tea, those comments will be deleted).

I’m thinking about just putting a thumbs up or down sign out there once a week, so y’all can keep me on track.

Or do I need to charge my camera?

The Days of Olde

Can I just say that a home-cooked meal never tasted so good?

We made it to Oklahoma and left our devestated hurricane-torn community behind.

On the way there, we talked about the last few days. My son said thoughtfully, “Mom, we were living just like the people in the ‘olden days.'”

I thought about how life centered around the basics: food, water and shelter. The images of us waiting in line behind hundreds of cars for ice were still very fresh. And it will be some time before I forget the smell of our rotting food.

“Yes, honey, that is very similar to the way people lived a long time ago,” I replied.

“Well. The ‘olden days’ must have sucked.”

And even though I wanted to heartily agree, I decided my son needed his mouth washed out.

If I had some sterile water, that is.

On a Wing and a Prayer

My hubby stayed up most of the night thinking about gas.

Sorry. The lack of electictricy has brought out the fifth grade boy in me.

Gasoline, that is.

He crunched numbers and decided we should be able to make it far enough to replenish our tank. We are heading to Oklahoma! And I am very excited about the thought of a hot shower and food that doesn’t involve potted meat.

School has been cancelled until power is restored. My kids are devasted.

So, I hope to offer you some regular updates of our exciting air conditioned world this week and maybe some pictures of our neighborhood.

Please pray that we get to my inlaws farm in Oklahoma safely and please pray that Alice the cat doesn’t go potty again in the car.

I really wish I could tell you I was kidding.

Our little Russian friends fared well and last night we cooked our remaining food with them and shared our supplies.

Oh, and one more thing, I could seriously use a glass of sweet tea soon, so add that to you prayer list.

And thank you for your sweet emails and comments. I cannot tell you how they fortified my soul when I could get a signal to read them in the middle of the night.

They made a difference in my life.

There is Something to that Hunkering Down Thing

Thank you so much for your prayers! We survived Ike and are so glad to be safe. We are without power, air conditioning and we are boiling water. Cell towers are gridlocked, so I can only update Twitter in the middle of the night with my thumbs and a very tired iPhone.

Our roads are blocked by massive trees and there isn’t gasoline or staples available in our community. We have heard that power could be out for a month, but are hoping they are wrong. We will be leaving if they are right because I am not in the mood to camp that long!

There are hundreds of trees down and about every third one is on someone’s roof or car, my parents being one of them. But our town, an hour from Galveston, received only a glancing blow from hurricane Ike.

Of course, my kids think this is a grand adventure!

And since we are all safe, I think they are right.

It’s about basics now —

And that’s never a bad thing.

It’s Nearly Time to Hunker-Down

We are in hunkering down mode. 

This is an official and technical Texas hurricane term for hiding your entire family in the laundry room with a mattress over your head.
Because we are prepared like that.
We are in the path of Hurricane Ike (although not in a mandatory evacuation area and were told to stay put, so Galveston residents could get out) and the weatherpeople are predicting some very fierce winds, tornadoes and all matters of scary weather.  They are also saying possible power outages for up to two weeks. 
And, sad to say, I thought of my blog. 
But only after I panicked and stood in line for an hour at the packed grocery store with my toddler. I got lots of chocolate, a new book to read and nail polish. I’m all about survival.  We made it through the long lines by eating halloween candy from an unpaid for bag.
Because we are prepared like that.

I spent yesterday making some homemade ice cubes because the store was out. 
And people think I can’t cook.  Ha!
My hubby worked on tying things down outside.
And my son? He helped.
Yes, that is a vine he is tying to our overturned patio table.
After I explained the reality of Hurricane Ike, this is where I found him:
Perhaps, I should have left out the google search.
So, I have a few posts on auto-schedule, but if you don’t hear from me after Monday, send your prayers and electrical currents this way.  We’re going to need them.
I’ll be twittering until we lose power.  
Be safe.