It’s Nearly Time to Hunker-Down

We are in hunkering down mode. 

This is an official and technical Texas hurricane term for hiding your entire family in the laundry room with a mattress over your head.
Because we are prepared like that.
We are in the path of Hurricane Ike (although not in a mandatory evacuation area and were told to stay put, so Galveston residents could get out) and the weatherpeople are predicting some very fierce winds, tornadoes and all matters of scary weather.  They are also saying possible power outages for up to two weeks. 
And, sad to say, I thought of my blog. 
But only after I panicked and stood in line for an hour at the packed grocery store with my toddler. I got lots of chocolate, a new book to read and nail polish. I’m all about survival.  We made it through the long lines by eating halloween candy from an unpaid for bag.
Because we are prepared like that.

I spent yesterday making some homemade ice cubes because the store was out. 
And people think I can’t cook.  Ha!
My hubby worked on tying things down outside.
And my son? He helped.
Yes, that is a vine he is tying to our overturned patio table.
After I explained the reality of Hurricane Ike, this is where I found him:
Perhaps, I should have left out the google search.
So, I have a few posts on auto-schedule, but if you don’t hear from me after Monday, send your prayers and electrical currents this way.  We’re going to need them.
I’ll be twittering until we lose power.  
Be safe.