Buy a Shirt, Change a Life, & Possibly Win a Free Missions Trip!

My crazy blog friend, Kari over at My Crazy Adoption has partnered with Tom Davis of Children’s Hopechest (remember this amazing moment from almost two years ago) to raise money for a safehouse in Moldova and an orphanage in Haiti. These friends inspire me to care for orphans and the least of these and I wanted to share about this cool opportunity to win a missions trip!


Here’s how you can be a part:

Buy a shirt

SIMPLY LOVE SHIRTS: 1 tee = 1 entry to win!

When you purchase a Simply Love tee- you are supporting Project #1 – the orphanage Haiti Home of Hope in Pignon, Haiti. I just led a Visiting Orphans team to Pignon only a few short weeks ago, so this project is dear to my heart! The donations we raise from Simply Love tees will directly fund the orphanage projects:

  • Mother’s milk [formula] and clinic program (70 children)
  • Building project for mother/baby safehouse
  • A brand new home for a family of 4 living in Pignon
  • 37 orphans permanently living at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage- Food, clothing, and medical care

MAN UP SHIRTS: 1 tee = 1 entry to win!

When you purchase a Man Up tee- you are supporting Project #2 – the safehouse Beginning of Life in Moldova. Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe nestled between Ukraine and Romania. The donations we raise from Man Up tees will directly fund the Children’s

HopeChest partnership with “Beginning of Life” to offer a rehabilitation home and program for survivors of human trafficking.

Restore victims of sex trafficking through the Beginning of Life by providing: 
  • Safe living conditions in a transitional living facility
  • Therapy, counseling, and relationships with caring Christian professionals
  • Food, clothing, and medical care
  • 24-hour supervision

When you buy either (or both shirts) you’ll be entered to win a FREE Missions Trip!


When you purchase a Simply Love or Man Up tee shirt here, you are automatically entered to WIN a FREE Children’s HopeChest  mission trip. [Trip Value $3000] You can pick any CHC mission trip around the world!! You win – you pick the trip!! You can buy 1, 5, or 10 tee shirts to enter to win!! 1 tee = 1 entry to win.  Project ends on My Crazy Adoption blog March 18th!!

So, buy a shirt, change a life and you might win a free missions trip!!