Going Deeper. Still.

I’m heading to Birmingham, Alabama.

Compassion Bloggers are having a little reunion. I couldn’t miss it. Plus I’m rooming with Ann, Holley, Lisa-Jo and Robin and meeting dozens of my favorite Compassion bloggers!

We are meeting in conjunction with the Deeper Still Conference, so I have my Bible and highlighter. And I have my big hair on.

While y’all get ready to enjoy December’s first weekend (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??), here are a few links:

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Show Offs Art Giveaway Winner:

Congrats to random commenter,  reader Lauren (email:cuse98@comcast.net)

Everyone else? Here’s a coupon code for 20% off just in time to order a beautiful piece of inspirational art for Christmas:


Links I Love:

P.S. This is what 215 pairs of shoes look like! We’re taking them to the Samaritan’s Feet drop-off location today. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Back-To-School Do It For Others project!