Links I Love

Links I Love: Mercy Shop Edition

Check out these awesome donations added to The Mercy Shop this week. 100% of the proceeds go to The Mercy House:

Links I Love

The following amazing people donated Items to The Mercy Shop this week:

(I have at least a dozen more items that will be added next week! Check back often and shop mercy). Have an item you’d like to donate? Email me (

Links I Love

Links I Love: Food/Health Edition

The conversation in the comment section of the post, Growing Up Too Fast (about our kids, puberty, and our food) was very interesting! Many of you asked me to put all the links left in the comments in one post, so here they are:

If  you have more, please leave the links in the comment section.


And these links have nothing to do with food at all, but I couldn’t resist sharing them:

Twitter-The Movie: I love Twitter and I think this is so funny!

Rules for Christians who use Twitter-hilarious

Links I Love

  • Sears is selling horrid pornographic posters online-You can object to this and let your voice be heard. Our family will not shop there until they make a change. (This link will explain what’s going on…you can continue to follow the warnings to the graphic images, but I don’t advise it.)
  • Make Homemade Slime-Your kids will love you for this!
  • Where can I go from your Spirit? ?- This spoke to me
  • Celebrate half-birthdays with style-love this idea from my baking neighbor
  • I am Hungry-what a thought-provoking, beautiful post that leaves me hungry for more