In Which I Celebrate YOU {FREE Gift}

Today is my blog’s birthday.

[insert confetti and sweet tea]

I started this blog 4 years ago. Four!

And, boy, have I learned a lot. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and allow you to laugh at me, too. I’ve learned that what I thought was for me, was really for Him. And I’ve learned that I would have nothing to celebrate without YOU, the people who read all these words…

And now a bulleted list: In the past four years, there have been:

  • 2000 blog posts
  • over $75,000 dollars given to charities
  • nearly 3 million visitors
  • sold thousands of copies of my first book
  • two trips to Africa
  • and a whole lot of sweet tea
Thank you for going on this journey with me. Thank you for listening and for teaching me so much over the years. Thank you for dreaming with me and for saying yes. Thank you for being here.

In celebration of you, Dayspring my very favorite store, affiliate (my go-to place, not only for shopping, but for (in)couragement and community) is giving each of you a free gift.

And it just happens to be my favorite item:
Life Collection - Large Pitcher

Oh, I’m so serious.
  • It’s easy! Just visit Dayspring, add the pitcher to your cart and use promo code: LIFEFREE. Shipping charges do apply ($6.00 approximately). But you can also get some Christmas shopping done while you’re at it (totes are b1g1 free) because orders of $50 or more have FREE SHIPPING! One per person, please.
  • If you haven’t “liked” on Facebook, you might want too…the party might spill over there…
Happy 4th blog birthday!
To all of us.
*this code expires in 4 days; this post contains my Dayspring affiliate link.
Reminder: The 2nd Annual Mercy Benefit Day [Silent Auction-with approximately 25 amazing items to bid on] will be THIS Monday, Nov. 7 all day long! I hope you’ll shop with purpose and support Mercy House!