Moving Day {A Special Opportunity to Love Mercy}

24 beds. 24 mattresses. 24 sets of clothes. 240+ cloth diapers.

Box by box, Mercy House Kenya is moving today from the rented home the girls and babies have occupied for over two years to this paid-for beautiful home. It’s a special day.


If you’ve ever moved, you know how much work it is. Multiply that times 24. We have 12 babies now –with the youngest just days old to the oldest, now two! It is costing Mercy House $1700 to move 20 minutes away to the next town, a suburb of Nairobi. The new home is much smaller (but it’s ours), so the carpenter who created these custom crib/beds has been busy rebuilding them to make them fit in our new smaller rooms. As with any move, there are unexpected expenses.

And today, we have a special opportunity to be a part of this milestone. I’m excited to share my friend Kimba and her business with you:

Thank you to Kristen for allowing me to share our business with you and tell you about something exciting we’re doing to benefit Mercy House! Mercy House is partnering with Everyday Icing today to help cover the moving expenses.

nautical collage (2)
If you think Facebook is just for sharing cute pictures of your kiddos or catching up with your college buddies, you’re in for a surprise! Everyday Icing brings you a totally new way of shopping!  Each week, Everyday Icing offers our Facebook fans trendy jewelry and accessories at incredible prices!
A few key points about Everyday Icing:
1. Our pop up sales are Monday nights at 9pm EST. Just “like” our page to participate.
2. Our prices are usually between $12-$30…easy on the wallet!
3. Shipping is always FREE!!!
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Jewelry pieces are presented in an auction-style format with a photo, price and quantity. Fans of our page are able to buy our pieces by commenting “sold” along with their email address (first purchase only). The first people to comment before the featured item sells-out “wins” the item at the stated price. It’s so easy! And it’s fun! We send invoices by email and shipping is FREE!
Everyday Icing features both trendy and classic necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and scarves as well as personalized items such as tote bags, clutches and jewelry. We offer between 20-30 different items during our weekly sales and our prices are typically between $12-$30. Your wallet will thank you!”
So what does this have to do with Mercy House?
Like most of you, we are passionate about the mission of Mercy House in Kenya. They are doing the Lord’s work in a powerful way.
rose cuff bracelet
Today, we are offering one fabulous piece, our Mercy House Rose Cuff Bracelet, a fair trade bracelet from India and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will go directly to Mercy House Kenya.
About the Mercy House Rose Cuff Bracelet:
It is an intricately etched brass cuff set with a accent stone in a beautiful shade of green. It was handcrafted in India by the Ana Art Group. Because all of the materials are sourced locally in New Delhi, India, there will be some variation in the green color of the center stone. It’s a part of the beauty and charm.
mercy house bracelet 6
Our hope is to raise enough money to cover their upcoming move with this one special item. We would love for you to stop by and pick up this fabulous bracelet and support their important work at the same time.
We have a limited quantity of this beautiful bracelet, so don’t wait! To make a purchase, just “like” our Facebook page and comment “sold” with your email address on the listing. It’s easy!
It’s a fun, beautiful way to love mercy.

Finding Beauty in the Ashes of Our Lives

If I close my eyes, I can travel back to the hellhole where I was redeemed. I can smell the sewage and feel the slippery, muddy path beneath my feet.

We pass a dump and I see a woman and child bending low, digging for something of value in the trash. The mom finds a half-eaten apple, wipes the dirt with her sleeve and slips it into her pocket. She pats her child’s arm as if to say, I’ve found another meal.

When I look at the dump, I can’t find anything of value, only trash and waste.

But that’s because I’ve never been hungry.

I have been desperate though and it turns out I needed rescuing from a pit just the same. Mine only looked like the American Dream. But it’s just as smelly.

God reached into a slum and found Esther, one of our new moms at Mercy House. She was hopeless and hungry, pregnant and afraid. She was desperate. But just like the queen she was named for, God had a plan, a promise for a hope and future.


He would once again use an Esther to save people from despair.


Against all odds, God rescued her and she gave birth to a baby girl. Esther named her daughter Jennifer, just two days after this precious Jennifer left this earth. This baby was born during a time of sorrow and pain, a tangled mess of mercy and glory, sorrow and joy.

But her chubby cheeks, pretty in pink life, her very name reminds us that He has a plan to create something beautiful from something broken. And even when we don’t understand it, we are not alone or forgotten.

He turns our sorrow into joy.

He trades the ashes in our lives for beauty.

On Giving Up

I don’t ever want to relive yesterday.

I woke very early in the morning to learn that Maureen’s dear mother, Jennifer, passed away.  I stumbled around my dark house numb for an hour. Lost. I have so many questions and emotions and my heart is broken for Maureen and her young brothers, for this devastating loss of a beautiful mother.

A few minutes later, I learned the new Mercy House home we purchased in Kenya (but haven’t moved our residents into yet) was broken into by thieves who stole from us and beat our caretaker.

And we have two c-sections scheduled for two of our pregnant girls tomorrow.

My house was quiet, kids sleeping, husband away on a business trip and I lay prostrate on my closet floor and I sobbed. I simply couldn’t stand under the burden a second longer.

I gave up.

All week I’ve been told that we are in a spiritual battle as Jennifer fought for her life and there’s been an onslaught of trials here and there. People have reminded me how much the enemy hates the work of rescuing girls and saving babies. I believe it, but I have to say, some news makes you feel like you’re losing the battle.

I know God is in control, but things feel out of control. And I have no control. And I want to close my eyes to the sorrow in this world. Some days I long to go back to when I was an oblivious mom who’s biggest worry was home decor.

A dear friend sent this email:

“You are not going to lose the battle because it was already WON on the cross. I don’t believe in losing or getting the victories because Jesus already did.

It is never going to be easy. It is only the beginning of the hardship. But if you choose to endure with Him, you choose to reign with Him. If you choose to suffer, you will be glorified.
If you think there is no more energy in you, it is excellent because now you will experience a supernatural power of Christ working in you and through you.  Before you could do on your own and sometimes switching to His power, but now only by Him, through Him, and with Him can you accomplish things for Him.”
I want to give up– and so I am. I’m choosing to lay my burden at the feet of Jesus. He’s all we really have in this world. Would you please pray for Maureen, her young brothers, our home in Kenya, the new babies due tomorrow, for me?

Your Prayers are Needed

Hi friends, you’ve been with me in the highs and lows these last 5.5 years. You’ve gone to Africa with me multiple times, laughed and cried in amazing and tough parenting times, believed for the impossible with me and helped save many lives by your generous giving and faithful prayers through the work of Mercy House. You are my tribe. And today, I need you again.

A couple of weeks ago, you helped raise $15,000 quickly for Maureen’s mom to have surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumor. Jennifer had brain surgery on Friday. While the surgeon was able to remove the tumor, she hasn’t regained consciousness and is in a critical coma. Doctors can do no more and Jennifer needs a miracle.

I don’t always understand God’s ways. I have questions and doubts and a lot of fear. I struggle with my faith and I feel inadequate on a daily basis. But I know God is good and He is Sovereign and I know I’m desperate for Him. Would you join me and pray for a miracle? Many all over the world are joining together to fast and pray and ask God to do the impossible in the next 24 hours.

Because He’s really good at that.