Maxed Out

I’m always amazed at the love and support this community shows me, but more importantly, the love and care you offer to impoverished girls and women around the world through the work of Mercy House. It is beautiful.

You have given The School Girl Project wings.


And we have completely maxed out our space!

But we are trying to go with the flow.


Thank you for making school possible for some lovely girls in Kenya. They deserve a carefree experience and should be able to stay (in school) free from worry about feminine hygiene issues. I would venture to say we have at least a year’s worth of products, so thank you.

Your yes always matters.

The School Girl Project

Close your eyes and imagine 14 year old Lilly in Africa. She’s finally gotten a chance to get back into school and even though she’s a year behind, she is thrilled.


So her teacher is surprised when she misses not one, but four days of school, the second month of school.

She falls further behind.

And it happens again the following month.

Nobody likes to talk about it.

But it’s a normal part of life for every young woman: menstruation.

Yeah. And many girls around the globe don’t have the extra money to buy products every month that would make it easier to stay in school.


What is an inconvenience for most, is life-altering for others.


“It is a normal part of life – but in many regions of the world it is a taboo subject. The silence around menstruation means girls in some countries stay away from school during their periods or even drop out of education. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa and other areas of the world, girls can miss out on up to five days of school per month or stop going to school entirely because of insufficient access to water and hygiene facilities, no separate toilets for girls and a lack of sanitary supplies.” source

My Kenyan friend Susan (and a Rehema House board member, employee of Compassion International), who led my first Compassion trip in Kenya in 2010, has a heart for these girls and their missed education. She and her sister have started an initiative to keep girls in school by supplying them with the basic need of sanitary pads.

And friends, we are going to help. We want to fill as many suitcases as we can with feminine hygiene products to send back to Kenya this month. Will you help?


Sisters, mothers, daughters lets join together and meet the needs of countless girls in Kenya.

Sure, nobody like to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

Please send sanitary pads (all brand, sizes and types) to:

Mercy House

8000 Research Forest Dr. Set 115-110

Spring, TX 77382

Deadline: Sept 26, 2015


Updated to add: Yes, we understand there are cheaper, reusable options. But these take education and time and resources (like soap and water). We will be sending ideas, samples, etc to the women leading this group. Until then, we are collecting disposable options. Thank you.

Mercy House Collection Drive: Jan. 1-31

The countdown for opening the Mercy House in Kenya has officially begun! While we are still fundraising and raising monthly support, our focus is shifting to collecting supplies and items we will be taking to Africa in June. Each month, we will host a collection drive (you can check out the monthly lists here).

This is such a great TANGIBLE way to be a part of Mercy House and to get your friends, kids, family and church involved!

January 1-31: Prenatal Items and Pregnancy Tests

We are collecting vitamins-any brand, any quantity. We are also collecting pregnancy tests. We are in the process of connecting with a Christian Crisis Pregnancy ministry in Kenya.

[Most Dollar Stores carry pregnancy tests…for just $1!]

If you’d rather shop online, I’m excited to share our ONLINE PRENATAL WISH LIST at In His Hands, a Christian Midwifery supply company.

You can purchase them on behalf of Mercy House at really affordable prices and have them shipped to this address:

The Mercy House

8000 Research Forest Dr Ste. 115-110

Spring, TX 77382

Scale Sling COTTON $14.00
Birth Kit $18.00
Pregnancy Calculator $4.00
Mesh Panty / Brief $1.40
Pad, Non-Sterile, Contoured, $0.30
Underpad, 23 X 36 $0.40
Underpad, 23 X 24 $0.30
Underpad, 30 X 36, REUSABLE $9.00
Cord Clamp $1.25
In His Hands Emergency Birth Kit $12.00
In His Hands Basic Birth Kit $27.00
Pregnancy Calculator $4.00

(Several quantities of each are needed. Items will be removed from this list once enough are purchased) Thank you!

Would you consider loving mercy by collecting these items with us?

Please leave a comment (or come back after you’ve ordered or later in the month once you’ve mailed your item) and let us know what you’re collecting.

Deadline: Jan. 31

If you have specific questions regarding this collection drive, please email them to, who has graciously offered to help me run this drive! Thanks, Brooke!