My Little Garden Party

Welcome to my perfectly imperfect world.  
I’m having a little garden party.  Sit back and enjoy the sweet tea, m’kay?
I do not have a green thumb.
It’s actually sorta skin-colored.
Oh, wait, yes, definitely a peachy tone.
And that’s why, my flowers look like this:
Yes, the word dead comes to mind, thank you.
I have gardening issues.
But to my defense, some of them are inherited from previous black-thumbed home owners.  We’ve lived in our house for nearly 4 years. And our backyard has been a nightmare since the day we moved in.
We’ve tried to add a few improvements here and there, but seriously, we are not skilled.  
Yeah, we did that piece of work ourselves.  Lovely path, huh?  I think the black weed guard adds a nice touch.
I mean, I can seriously match a swatch of paint color and refinish an old door, but garden?  Ahem.
And my hubby, he can tile a floor and build wooden structures, but make a plant grow?  Uh, no.
So, we left it.  But during rainy season, which is random and often, this is what our yard looks like:
That would be a flood.  Of water.  And mosquitos.  Yeah, because we are lucky like that.
And the aftermath of rain in a yard that can’t absorb it?  Every mother’s best friend:  Mud.
I grew weary of keeping mud-caked boots by the back door for my kids to play in the swamp backyard.  I got tired of drinking Off bug spray and sick of the whole muddy mess.  I knew we needed professional help.
Well, I mean, professional gardening help.
And this is what they did for us:
I know, it makes me want to break out into the Hallelujah chorus too!
I love those guys.
And I LOVE my new yard!
Too bad we live in Texas, where it is now too hot to enjoy it!  Oh, I kid.  I make the whole family play out there every day.  A little sweat never hurt anybody.
We paid for it, we’re gonna use it (said with my eye twitching and in my best Carol Burnett voice).
And now, I’d like to invite you all back here on August 29th for this:

Note to self:  Door Prizes all day long for linky participants!

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Sizzling Summer Vacation Spectacle Blog Carnival

Summer is just around the corner.  And I’m ready!  I can’t wait to don my swimming suit large coverup and get wet.  I’m also looking forward to our summer vacation:  7 days at Family Camp!  
I thought it would be fun to link up at the end of summer and share our Vacation adventures, blog carnival-style! Some of my best vacation memories are the unplanned, unexpected moments that had me pulling my hair out.  So, don’t be afraid to bare it all, well, keep the swim suit on, please, this is a family blog.  
If you have a 14 day World Tour planned, we want to turn green with envy.  If you aren’t planning a big vacation this summer, link up with a day trip post and pictures.  Whatever it is, share it!
Join the fun on Friday, August 29th.  (Mr. Linky will probably go up late, the night before).  
And, oh, I forgot to mention, every hour I will draw a random door prize winner from the Mr. Linky participants.  The door prizes will have a ‘vacation/travel’ theme to help you capture your memories or plan for your next trip (like a vacation journal, digital photo frame, picture frames, jewelry and more!  (If you’d like to get a little advertisement to your online store, contact me about donating a door prize.  I will link to all the donations.  Just email me if you’re interested.)