Let’s Talk About My Tattoo

I typed in we are that….into Google the other day, trying to bring up a prompt to my blog so I could check something while I was out of town.

Before I could type the word family, Google prompted me with a few suggestions that had been googled, a lot. I laughed at number one.

It was we are that family tattoo.

I’ve only written about it once and I closed comments because I’m a good girl and I didn’t want to open a can of worms. Here I am ten months post-tattoo and I’m still so happy I did it. I haven’t once doubted or regretted my decision. I do get a lot of email and questions about it, so I thought I’d just be open that can right up. Worms aren’t all that bad. Plus, I think my in-laws know about it now.

Here’s what I tell people: Don’t get a tattoo if you have doubts. And emailing me is probably proof of doubt. Don’t get a tattoo of just anything. So many people have written of their regret because their little turtle or butterfly tattoo has no significance. So don’t get one just because you think they are cool. It’s something you’ve got to know you want forever.

It will probably sound weird, but when my husband and I got our tattoo together on the two year anniversary of starting Mercy House, it was deeply significant and spiritual. I have no regrets!

But I will also never ever get another one. And not just because it hurt like a big dog.

I never intended to be branded by the Spirit in such a deep, life-changing way. I never intended to have a tattoo either. Some things are just unexpected and right for some people.

I think on the 3rd anniversary of my life-changing trip, I’ll get my nose pierced.

Just kidding, Mom.

So, would you ever get inked?

Want to see my husband’s tattoo? click here