THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 45

Picture of the Week:

The Week in Review: Our first week of summer went well! We had lazy days, went swimming and I only had to visit this list twice. My baking neighbor sent her son over with this very important and confidential bag. It contained one of her cookie mistakes. Her mistakes are delicious.

Introduction into The Society: Help me welcome Steady Mom! She has some great ideas!

1.  What is the name of your blog?

My blog is My tagline is “Join me on the journey toward intentional, professional motherhood.” It chronicles my attempts, successes, and failures as I walk life’s road with my three preschoolers. I try to approach my mothering with the same sense of purpose and vision I had in my life and career before becoming a mother.

2. How long have been blogging?

I started my blog in December 2008. I’m still finding my blog groove and discovering new parts of myself as I write out my issues.

3. How would you define THAT family?

THAT family knows who they are. They live in freedom – free to be themselves, free to follow their passions, free to make a difference in radical ways. They make no apologies for living as though each day might be their last.

4. When did you discover you were a member of THAT family?

I knew it the first time I visited our local library’s storytime. The other children calmly sat in their mothers’ laps, listening to the monotone story being read by the librarian. But my two 2-year-old boys (no, not twins) scrambled, scuttled, and tumbled wildly across the room. At first I felt embarrassed but upon further reflection I thought, “Good for you, boys. That was dull.” We return often to check out books and they love the library, but storytime is no longer on our itinerary.

5.  Where can we find your blog?

I’d love to have you visit at  Thanks so much.

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 44

Picture of the week:

The Week in Review: We are all forced to play hide and seek on a regular basis. My hubby found the greatest spot. I will be using it this summer! hehe.

Introduction into The Society: Let’s welcome Behind the Blueberry!! (If I ever make my way to Rhode Island, I’ll be visiting this adorable Inn!)

1.Name of blog: Behind the Blueberry. It started as a behind the scenes expose of our lives as innkeepers. We don’t want  to use it as a non-stop marketing tool for the B&B; like some innkeepers do.

2. How long have been blogging? Dec. 2008 marked my plunge into the world of blogging. My spouse started contributing in Feb. 2009. He is a much better writer. 

3. How would you define THAT family? We are who we are and we aren’t apologizing for it, so get a grip. 

4. When did you discover you were a member of THAT family? Seems like my entire life I was the one that would make a comment or tell a story that the listeners would respond to by say, “OK then…” and sidle away as soon as possible. Naturally, having such a magnetic personality led me to innkeeping where I can amuse/annoy/fascinate people that are only around a few days at a time. Some of those people come back repeatedly for additional doses so it must not be too horrible 😉 

5.  Where can we find your blog?  but feel free to explore the rest of the web site. 

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 43

Picture of the Week:
The Week in Review: We are finishing up the last few days of school and we are so ready to run around barefoot, eat Popsicles and tan our bodies in the warm summer sun!
Introduction into The Society:Help me welcome ElCloud with several examples of THAT family moments! Take your pick.  We’ve had too many THAT family moments to count, to be honest.

when the poop bounced   

how to make a dramatic exit  

1.  Tell Us A Little About Your Blog:  My name is April, and “ElCloud Homeschool:  Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet” is our family blog.  I blog about our life, our homeschool, our Christian faith, and raising 7 active, creative, energetic, loud, “bouncing off the walls” kids.  We have 7 children, ages 13 through 5 months.  4 girls, 3 boys.  They are busy, and they do keep us busy.  (Which is of course one of those things everyone says to THAT family … “They must keep you busy!”)   I started the blog as a way for our extended family who live across the nation to keep up with our family and what the kids are doing.  I also seek to encourage other homeschoolers, and recently have begun doing reviews, as well. 

2.  How Long Have You Been Blogging?  Since December 2005 

3.  How Would You Define That Family?  An imperfect family, full of quirks, chaos, and failures … just continuing to walk together, love each other, and encourage each other to keep trying.  In our case, THAT family means:
  • “you know THAT family with all the kids”
  • “you know, THAT family with the really active kids”
  • “THAT family who has a child in every single sunday school class except the high school group” (we’ll hit that one next year)
  • “THAT family who explode into the library, take over the whole area, and leave with the maximum amount of allowed books and videos, and a screaming toddler every single time.”

4.  When Did You Discover You Were Part Of That Family?  I think I grew up in THAT family, to some extent.  (You’d have to know my Dad.)  But I discovered I was raising THAT family years ago.   It might have been when my 2 yo firstborn poured an entire bottle of perfume on my bed, or when my 3rd daughter who was potty training dropped poop out of her training pants (which BOUNCED on the floor) in the middle of a puke fest from her siblings, or when I had to quit doing home daycare because my own kids were too needy, or when my 1 yo climbed the step ladder her Dad left out, or when I led 5 kids through Cabela’s with two on harnesses (they needed them!) and could feel everyone looking at me.  I knew we were THAT family when I realized that they had assigned my “energetic” preschool daughter her own adult at VBS, to keep track of her.  I knew we were THAT family when I finally gave up on children following me quietly through Wal-Mart in a neat line.  Mine wander and straggle behind, and dance in the aisles, and hop from black square to black square and try to walk on the black “bumpers” at the bottom of the freezers in the middle of the aisle.  But I’m so thankful to have them:  active, creative, loud, and enthusiastic about life.   We get counted when we go places, we get nervous glances when we enter a restaurant, and I think if I have to say “Shh” one more time, my mouth is going to stay puckered forever.  The fact that we are THAT family was driven home when we moved just over a year ago, and I have heard us described as “THAT family … ” by others in the community. 

5.  Where Can We Find Your Blog?

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 42

Picture of the Week:

The Week in Review: The new 7 year old in the house got a skateboard and cool skate gear for his birthday (this was right before he nearly poked his eye out with an antenna from a remote control car). His seventh year could be interesting!

Introduction into The Society: Let’s welcome Shoutingforha!

1)  Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog). My blog is called shoutingforha.  Here’s the story… My incredibly verbal boy, who at the time was 1 1/2, would walk around the house shouting “AHHH!” at the top of his lungs.  My hubby and I were tired of listening to him and asked why on earth he was shouting.  His reply, “I’m shouting for HA!” I started the blog as a way for our family in Colorado to keep up with all of the things happening at our home in Tennessee. 

2)  How long have you been blogging? I started my blog in 2006 but really didn’t write with any consistency until last year.   

3)  How would you define THAT family? THAT family is the one whose lives always seem to be filled with one crazy happening after another.  You know the ones… they always have another insane story to tell.  Another distinction about THAT family is that they tend to do things just a little differently than all the rest.  I guess you could say that they like to swim upstream. 

4)  When did you discover you were part of THAT family? To some degree I’ve always felt like I was part of THAT family.  Life with my hubby has never been dull, to say the least.  After our son was born, the insanity multiplied exponentially.  

5)  Where can we find your blog?

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 41

Picture of the Week:

Happy 7th Birthday, Dash!

The Week in Review: The other man in my life turns 7 today! Happy birthday, baby! You make me happy to be your Mom. P.S. I am going to beat you at bowling today!

Introduction into The Society: Let’s welcome Crafts by Kate! (Please see her note to you at the bottom)!

1.    Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog): 

My blog is called  Crafts By Katie. It was originally started to have a place to show family/friends what I was doing craft-wise,  but quickly turned into someplace where I write about all sorts of topics. I talk about being  a college student, a single mom to 2 little boys, trying to live green and the challenge of a full course load of school while trying to pack for an out of state move. Each Sunday, I try to post a weekly  challenge and from time to time, I do give aways. 

2.    How long have you blogging? 

wow…I think I started my first blog/online journal way back in 1999. 

3.    How would you define THAT family?  

THAT family is the one that everyone is talking about long after they’ve left and long before they’re invited again.

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family? 

I think I discovered we were THAT family the night we took my two boys out to dinner and loud and clear, one of them said some swear word. He was little but I could just feel the stares of everyone around us and I realized, Yep, we’re THAT family.

5.    Where can we find your blog?
    You can find it at  — I do hope everyone stops by!
Leave me some comments! It can be lonely out here in blogland and it’s good to know we’re not alone in being one of THAT family!

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 40

Pictures of the Week:

The Week in Review: I took my daughter’s on a date and had such a good time with them, while my hubby and son headed out on a Boy Scout adventure. I’m wondering how much longer I can talk my 9 year old into matching her baby sister. 
Introduction into The Society: Help me welcome Sassy Gal Glamour to the Society!

1.    Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):

My blog is called Sassy Gal Glamour. My blog is a place where I can pour my heart out- sharing products that I love, things that happen in The Boy Joint, and most importantly, offering encouragement. I originally started out reviewing beauty and cosmetic products, and still do, but I have also added in home decor and recipes.  I LOVE to write and because I homeschool 2 boys,  am married to 1 boy, and live in the middle of nowhere, blogging gives me the “girl time” I so desperately need since I’m isolated and immersed in testosterone most of the time.  And, oh yeah, it’s also an outlet for my obsession with college football- namely Texas Tech football. 

2.    How long have you blogging?

I began blogging in January of 2007.

3.    How would you define THAT family?

I would define THAT Family as the one who embraces their craziness and causes others to understand that these idiosyncrasies are what truly bind us together.  THAT Family makes people say, “I can’t believe they did that!” all the while laughing and being comforted, and possibly even encouraged, in their own mishaps. 

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?

I realized we were part of THAT family when I would tell stories about our family and people would say, “NO WAY!” while howling and laughing!   As our family has grown, it has only added to the craziness.  Being from West Texas, our “down-to-earth” attitude affects how we interpret our experiences- we can “tell-it-like-it-is” and make you love every minute of it.  My West Texas roots are something I am very proud of- white trash and all. Yes, I have aunts who wear pantyhose with their polyester shorts.  And eating “calf fries” for Easter celebration is a closely held tradition. Being raised in West Texas with a stint in the Deep South, I love the western and southern ways of life- the mystique and grace coupled with the nitty gritty reality that life isn’t always easy.  No fakin’ it here- we might look good but deep down we know that you can’t wear enough lip gloss or perfume to hide The Hillbilly.   Being real, understanding Jesus’ love for me, and inspiring others to do the same is what it’s all about for me.

5.    Where can we find your blog? 

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 39

Pictures of the Week:

The Week in Review: Our oldest got  a form of braces (to deal with a tongue thrusting problem) this week and so I took before and after pictures. My other kids wanted before pictures too. So, I snapped a before breakfast photo of my son and a before temper tantrum photo of  my toddler.

Introduction into The Society: Please help me welcome Team Kollar to the Family Tree this week!

1. Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):

My blog is titled Team Kollar…the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in everyday life. It’s called Team Kollar because when I started I didn’t know enough to not put my name right out there to tempt identity thieves. The subtitle refers to the daily fluctuation I experience between joy and defeat as a mom. I started our blog to journal our international adoption, but it has become a way to process my life.

 2. How long have you blogging?
I started blogging in May of ’08. Before that I was on the computer twice a week. That’s changed just a little…  

 3. How would you define THAT family?
THAT family doesn’t get invited over to many homes for dinner. You hear them coming before you see them. And they leave a trail of Cheetos, laughter and ER bills behind them. They live in a perpetual state of chaos. They have a name for that chaos, they call it “fun”. One great thing about THAT family is they are really no different in private than they are in public, which accounts for all the embarrassing moments. 

 4.  When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?
It’s hard to say. Maybe it was the stares from strangers in the grocery store. Or all the moms who would say to me when I told them about something my kids had said or done “Oh, that makes me feel so much better.”  Could it have been when my son dictated a preschool paper about our family that said, “My mom likes to make macaroni and cheese. She talks on the phone. She likes to sleep a lot in the daytime”? One clue came when my child spit his quarter out of his mouth into the offering plate. Another clue, the time my toddler snapped a picture of me taking a shower. Add to all that the dog that greets visitors by nudging them in the crotch and I have undeniable evidence that we are THAT family. I should have known even before I had kids. The girl who snorts when she laughs and squirts in her pants when she laughs really hard was bound to have something interesting come from procreation. I am THAT mom so it’s no wonder I am the matriarch of THAT family. 

5. Where can we find your blog?

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 38

Picture of the Week:

The Week in Review: Someone finally got rid of that unsightly chin hair. (This is just a small sampling of the things my busy two year old got in to this week!)

Introduction into The Society: Let’s give a fun welcome to Kim of Thoughts by Kim!

1.    Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):

I initially started blogging to document my journey through weight loss surgery, but it has become so much more – I’ve been able to share things about myself that I normally wouldn’t. It has brought me friends all over the country that are truly precious, and has kept lots of people in touch with what is going on in my life. Right now, my blog’s focus is changing from being purely a weight loss journey (92 pounds lost so far) into my journey of becoming more spiritually mature… also working toward becoming a survivor of infertility.

2.    How long have you blogging?

I’ve been blogging since March of 2007. But, it seems like much longer. I completed the blog 365 challenge in 2008, and am continuing on to blog as often as I have content…

3.    How would you define THAT family?

THAT family is really inevitable – we all become THAT family from time to time… there are moments when we all want to crawl in a cave because of the crazy antics of our gene pool.  

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?

I never noticed it growing up because it just seemed normal, but as I’ve gotten older… the people I’m related to just get weirder. We have obsessive tendencies – so some of us are obsessed with self help books, some with other things, but we take it all to the extreme. Just like the first time my sister tried a salad bar… and used ALL of the different dressings. Then, you count in my in-laws, and it’s just one crazy antic after another. My husband grew up in the country – so you know there are great storie
s that come out of those experiences.  

5.    Where can we find your blog?

You can find me at Thoughts by Kim