It’s Official: We are White Trash

Okay. That’s it.  We’ve truly reached new heights of lowness.  

Sunday on our way home from CHURCH, we smelled something.  It was a strong odor.  Overwhelming.  It was so bad, we pulled over.

On inspection of diapers and shoes, we discovered my son had stepped in dog poo on the playground, at church, in his new church shoes, the ones I bought to wear only to church, so they would always look nice. 

(By faith, I’m believing IT was from a dog.)

Some things just shouldn’t surprise me.

And yet it’s like someone’s screaming “GOTCHA YA!” in my face.

Every day.

So, we did what most people of low intelligence with a high sense of smell would do.  We rolled down the window and hung the offensive shoe from the shoelaces.  

All the way home.  From Church.  We are THAT family.

My white trash parenting tip: hang your sticky shoes and children out the window. All the trashy Moms do it!

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