Bad Pictures are Good Posts

[I totally ripped off my fellow Compassion blogger, Ryan Detzel, for this great title]
My iPhone had 323 photos on it. I decided to clean it up a bit……….
only to discover it’s those bad photos that make great pictures:
Because everyone needs googley eyes:
This is one of 14 photos of my fisherman hubby and a fish:

I married a hick (if the above picture didn’t clarify that, the hat will):

Glazed over eyes=time to get off (also your toddler is taking pictures AGAIN):
Cousins on a shopping day for matching swimsuits (sisters sharing coupons):

What happens when your hubby tries to rub your headache away (bruising the next day!):
Deep thoughts:

Flying to Africa:

Appointment to the eye Dr. with your son turns date when you add dessert:

My oldest with her face smashed against my window:

It’s those unplanned, spontaneous moments of living that make the best memories!

  • FREE-A Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stearn is a must-read for every Christian! And you can get a free audio download of it here. Use this code MAY2010
  • Take the time to watch this amazing video (thanks HollyK) dedicated to mothers and their ordinary days:

Happy Mother’s Day sweet friends!

Mothering Sons

Mothering sons in our society is not easy, neither is mothering daughters.

With our destructive media, pressure from peers and a boy’s natural inclination to lust after the opposite sex, a mother’s work is never done.

My son is turning 8 years old this month and while he is still naive and lives a sheltered life, I can’t sit back and wait to talk to him about tough issues, like purity and girls. Because someone else will. The TV programs (Disney Channel) and movies (like Diary of a Wimpy Kid) are not afraid to address the boy/girl issue. I can’t be scared either.

When we take the initiative to introduce a Godly standard, everything else he hears or sees will be compared to the high standard God has put into place to protect and provide for His kids.

In my opinion, I think boys 8 and under should be taught:
  • to respect girls (even their pesky sisters)
  • to never, ever hit a girl
  • to open the door for Mom, help her with groceries
  • to give Mom and sisters privacy when they dress or shower
  • to honor other people’s personal space
  • to protect their own body from invasion
  • to only go to Internet sites approved by parents
  • to know their own anatomy (great talk for Dad’s)
  • to say no to ANYONE (kids and adults) who wants to touch them inappropriately, play sexual games, etc

Your Boy: Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World by Vicki Courtney is an excellent resource for this age.

I think boys 9 thru 11 should be taught:
  • about sex (the basics-which have changed since you were a kid)
  • about their changing body
  • about girls (how they flirt, think, change into young women)
  • about the evilness on the Internet (pornography)
  • about standing up for what’s right (in conversation w/ other boys), even if it means standing alone
  • about pressure to be cool and like everyone else (they don’t have to have a cell phone or iTouch to be cool-I don’t recommend either!)

Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle: Honest Conversations About Sexual Integrity is an excellent resource for this age!

For boys 12 and up:
Don’t hold back. The world isn’t. There is an agenda to make sex before marriage the norm. Talk to them about choosing purity. I highly recommend taking your sons on a weekend at 12 or 13 years for a Passport to Purity retreat. At this age, there needs to be CONSTANT communication and supervision regarding sex, purity, pornography, girls, lust, movies, music etc.

What would you add to my age-appropriate lists?

The Love of a Man

I closed my eyes and relaxed as the hair stylist washed my hair (the best part of a haircut!)

She stopped, her hands still in my tangled hair. I squinted open an eye. She leaned in and said in a quiet voice,”You are a lucky woman. Do you know how much your husband loves you?”
My face posed a question mark.
She answered, “I cut your husband’s hair last week and you were all he talked about. You should have seen the way his face lit up talking about you!”
I smiled and warmed at her words. Until, I recognized the longing in her voice and the loneliness in her eyes. It’s a look I recognized, the one of a woman who isn’t loved well.
This was the second time in recent days, someone commented on my husband’s love for me.
“He talks about you. I see love in his eyes when he says your name. He is proud of you.”
I feel unworthy of such adoration and remarkable love from my spouse. But it’s a true reflection of His love for God, and God’s love for me.
The love of a man is reflected in a wife’s face. Her steps are lighter, her burden is eased. She scowls less and laughs more. Every wife needs her husband’s love.
I asked my hubby to tell me what makes him love me so well.
He Said:
Five Reasons a Man Loves His Wife
(This is what I heard):
  1. A man who loves Jesus naturally loves his wife. A wife who loves her God is irresistible.
  2. A man who is respected by his wife loves her deeply in return.
  3. A man loves watching his wife care for his children.
  4. A man who is heard and listened to by his wife finds her intriguing and desirable.
  5. A man who is satisfied talks about his wife when she isn’t around.
Tell me: Are you a loved woman?

WFMW: Backwards Edition

Today, I’m hosting The Backwards Edition of Works For Me Wednesday-where you turn the table and ask for tips from your reader! (If you forgot and have a regular tip, it’s okay! Themes are just suggested!)

I’ve been looking forward to this because I have a doozy of a question and I’m desperate for help!!
I think I should be embarrassed to confess this, but y’all know already I’m terribly human and lead of life of perpetual embarrassment!
So. In a nutshell: 3/4 of my cotton shirts hanging in my closet have a tiny hole in them. The holes just appear out of nowhere. At first, I thought it was my washing machine or dryer snagging the shirts. But then, I thought it might be a bug problem (I KNOW!!)
I’ve never actually seen a bug or even evidence of one. I bought the moth ball stuff at WalMart to hang in my closet and it didn’t seem to stop the holy shirts. I hate the smell of moth balls, so I bought the Fresh Scent. Don’t let that fool you. It’s not a pleasant smell. So, I tossed the stinky things in the trash because holes are better than stink any day.
So, do bugs eat cotton? Help?? My hubby’s cotton shirts are fine and my other clothes are good. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!
Got any tips for me?
Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.} Have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you’d like to share? I’d love for you to join us!

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  104. This linky list is now closed.

A Happy Woman {Giveaway}


The other day, I was looking for a certain picture on the CD of our family photo shoot from last summer. I stopped at this one, an impromptu kiss captured, a photo I passed over for it’s imperfection (my oldest stepped out of the shot), a picture that gripped my heart and made me stop:

Picnik collage

May she who gave you birth be happy. ~ Proverbs 23:25

I have 10,000 reasons to be happy, but today, I’m thinking of the three little ones who call me Momma, Mom, Mommy or sometimes MMMOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

Motherhood isn’t about the perfect, crisp moments. It’s about the impromptu kisses and hugs. Those are the ones that make me smile in the dark of the night and fill my heart.

Link up a photo post in all it’s imperfections (you link it just like always, just make sure there’s a picture in the post) that defines motherhood to you (of you with your kids, your kids by themselves, your mother, etc)…THREE photos will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate to the one and only The Vintage Pearl.

Erin, mom of four and creator of The Vintage Pearl has a gorgeous new exclusive design that would make a beautiful gift for Mom (yours or yourself!)

One of my all time favorite necklaces is from The Vintage Pearl and I wear it all the time. I always get asked about it!

Erin’s work is known worldwide and I’m honored that she’s been a long time sponsor of We are THAT family and become a friend!

This photo show-off giveaway will last thru the week! Winners will be announced on Mother’s Day weekend. You can link up an old post or a new, but please make sure it has a picture that describes motherhood to you.

When Her Life is Better Than Mine

I have a friend. She lives in an amazing house. She has well behaved children and more than enough money for every need and want. Oh, and she’s beautiful. And if all that isn’t enough, she’s a wonderful person, who gives to the poor, defends the weak, serves others. She has an amazing life.
I used to think it was better than mine.

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that some people have it better than you.

You only have to be human.
[to continue reading, please visit (in)courage]

What She Taught Me This Week:

1. Falling down hurts, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying ($3 garage sale skates and a big sister teacher).
2. Sometimes stuff just gets in the way (playing inside the empty toy box is better than playing with the toys).
3. A new view changes the way you look at the world (family hike, looking for Dora)
4. Don’t be afraid to dream big and fly (I’ve tried this, it actually works. I dare you: tape purple tissue paper wings to your back and see if it doesn’t give you a lift!)

P.S. I’m unplugging from Twitter, my computer and iPhone tomorrow (Monday) for some deep thoughts…see y’all Tuesday for a special Mother’s Day post (hint: think photograph that defines motherhood to you). Also, I forgot to mention last week that THIS Wednesday, is a suggested themed edition of WFMW: Backwards Edition-ask your readers a question!