Our Real Problem


Twenty-four hours after I recovered my blog Facebook page from a malicious hacker, I was ironing wrinkles out of my 13 year old's light blue Oxford dress shirt so he could wear it to the funeral of his beloved archery coach. I swallowed … [Continue reading]

Stitched Together With Love


When I was a young mom, I went through a season where I tried to understand the challenging road I was traveling. My husband and I lived over a thousand miles from home with a toddler and a new baby, in a town we didn't love, working a job we didn't … [Continue reading]

Longing For Paris


December 2013: Our family was on the way home from working in Kenya and we had a short layover in Paris. I will never forget walking up the steps from the underground train, icy winter wind hitting our jet-lagged faces and getting that first glimpse … [Continue reading]