DIYP #4- An Instant Vase

I love magazines.  I always have a giant pile next to my bed that I’m making my way through.
Some of my best DIY projects are things I’ve seen in decor magazines.  I tear out my favorite pages and stick it into a folder for inspiration later.
And you’ve been wondering who tore out magazine pages in the dentist’s office? 
[sheepish wave in progress]
I saw this idea in the latest Better Homes & Gardens “100 Decorating Ideas for Under $100″ Issue.
It’s by far one of my favorite quarterly publications.  
I love fresh flowers.  I wish I could have a gorgeous vase full in every room.  All the time.
But I’m not THAT family, unfortunately. 
Every once in a while, my hubby brings home flowers.  *Hint, Hint*
And after holidays, like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, I buy the half price bundles.  But most of my fresh flowers come from my flower beds or when my kids bring me weeds flowers with the stems wrapped in wet paper towels.
Now, here’s what I do with them thanks to this great idea: I gather an empty toothbrush holder, a salt shaker or a cheese sprinkler.  
I can stick loose stems in the tiny holes.  These are perfect holders for little weeds or the fragrant Gardenias from my yard.
I just fell in love with this idea because I have these little containers on hand and they look so nice in the bathrooms and entryway.
So, go, pick a flower and grab an instant vase.
It’s sure to brighten your day!


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    I love this idea! LP is always picking me little wildflowers that are too small for any of our vases, but I hate to just toss them. I know I have an extra salt shaker around, I’m going to find it for my next bouquet!

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    I think this is one of the best ideas I have seen. I really love this. I love flowers, I always have these little things on hand and they look GREAT! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 13


    Love this idea! I have had an empty cheese shaker sitting on the top of my stove, wondering what I could use it for! Now I know! Thanks!

  4. 21


    Great idea! LOve love love it! I am going to copy. I like you, love flowers, but I live in one those houses also! I do have a great rose garden just starting to bloom. I will have to send my hubby out! Another great magazine-Real Simple-
    they have 100 great little tips this month. They are awesome and i Have already used about 5 and i read the article two days ago!!

  5. 26


    Great ideas! This summer we are really into snapple . . . so, I recycled a snapple bottle into a vase. It is summer-like and was recycled as well.

  6. 29

    Mrs. Querido says

    Now all I need are some salt shakers…lol…that and for Mr. Querido to bring me home some flowers. Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area? They have bouquets for $5! And they are gorgeous :) A frugal tip for your frugal vase.


    Mrs. Q

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