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I just finished an easy, but meaningful project.
I have a huge stack of kid art. My creative kids have produced some great artwork and it’s been sitting in the top of my closet in a box. Year after year, I add to it.
I’ve always wanted to display some of my favorite pieces, but didn’t know where to start and I figured it would be a costly project.
Until I found these frames at WalMart for less than $4 each:

Since I go to WalMart often, I decided to pick up a frame on each visit.
I trimmed the art and have started a beautiful gallery:

I made a little alcove between the laundry room and entry our art gallery. I would love to add some special clip lights to highlight the pieces, but there aren’t any outlets.

Do you have any ideas for lighting?

I feel happy every time I walk past my kid’s creations!

P.S. Are you a Southern Living at Home fan? I am! There is a HUGE summer sale going on. If you place a catalog order for $29.95 (I get no credit, just the satisfaction of seeing you with something pretty), you can take advantage of the great sale prices in the flier. You can even go in with a friend and split the $29.95!  Here are the details to the sale! 


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    Totally love it – and I love that the frames are all the same, it makes the eclectic art the focus… Really it's just lovely and must make your heart sing!

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    That's awesome! We do much the same thing…have for years.
    BUT, recently, I needed a source for a larger frame, and your suggestion hit the spot! DD just completed a charcoal project I want to hang, and I didn't know where to look for an inexpensive frame…I'll have to check out Walmart! Thanks!

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    Having an outlet (or even a wall light) installed is fairly easy/inexpensive project for an electrician if you have electric in the wall – and I see your switches are close.

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    Mrs. Querido says

    I think that IKEA has battery powered clip lights. Try checking it out online..hope that helps! :)

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    I love it, love it, love it! I still have some framed artwork from when my kids were younger hanging up, and it still makes me smile.
    Who needs expensive art!
    You should use some form of colored light to add to the festiveness.

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    What a cute idea. We all always have a ton of kid art that we never know what to do. Now we do. That is outstanding and I love the way you have them on the wall.

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    how cool! i love this idea! and i bet your kids feel so special – it's almost like being in an "official" gallery – they could have friends over for the tour :O). you're such a great mom :)

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    This is a great idea. I love displaying my kids artwork too. We are getting ready to move and I too already have our art gallery hallway all lined up!

    Those frames seem like a steal!
    Another cool idea is to stock up on shadow box frames. Of course they are more expensive but they also can hold more 3-dimensional art and can be easily changed over time.

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    It looks great and you are helping to "nudge" me along to doing something about my kids' artwork.

    Thanks for all your stories and inspiration!

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    freefun0616 says

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