Creating a Family Mission Statement

Our family sat down after dinner the other night with paper and pen.
I read this wonderful article on creating a family mission statement and knew it was something we should do!
Why write a mission statement for your family? Because it asks the question….why are we doing this? Let’s face it, we have busy lives, pressed with pressure to fill every hour of every day.
With a family mission statement, it helps us remember that everything we do should have a purpose.
We started by brainstorming some goals we’d like to accomplish as a family. We talked about diverting our normal vacation money towards a goal of going on a family mission trip and making a point to have fun on a regular basis. (My kids threw the word adoption in there, too, and we suggested they pray for their Mommy and Daddy).
Goals are different than a mission statement. Goals are things you want to accomplish/do. Mission statements are they whys behind what you do.
In this article, How to Write a Family Mission Statement, there are practical ideas and examples with this formula–

To…. (Do something)

In such a way that….. (Quality of action)

So that…. (We gain these results or benefits)

Here’s what we came up with:

To make a difference in the world, a single light, shining brightly in such a way that we keep Jesus our focus, listen closely to His voice & enjoy life. So that we can say at the end of the day, we’ve touched others & thrived.”

I printed the words out and gathered some scrapbook paper and a frame I never used on an older project:

I glued the words to the paper and framed it:

Just having those words down on paper makes me feel we’re on the right track!


  1. 3


    I love it! Not only is it cute, but meaningful. Last year we displayed our family goals for the year similar to this (and will do it again this year) but I love the idea of having a mission statement. What a great example you are!

  2. 8


    I love this idea, I like to fill my house with meaningful art and this would be great. This going in the must do file. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cha Cha

  3. 13


    My husband and I just decided to do this last week. Thank you for the post and the link, we will be looking at them for ideas as we get ready to set up our own. I can't wait!

  4. 14

    laci says

    thank you!!!! we were just talking at dinner last night about our family goals….but that is all we did talk. I love the idea of a mission statement and we want to write out our family goals as well. Do you have any ideas on help with setting family goals? a list to look thru to get us started. something to refer to like this mission statement. we would love any help! I am so going to print our mission statement and goals and make them concrete and real!!!! thanks as always for the amazing inspiration

  5. 24

    Nicole says

    Kristen, as usual you hit a home run with a great idea for families!


    I will totally be doing this with my own family and think everyone should have a mission statement!


  6. 26


    I LOVE this Kristen! We are actually working on our Family Road Map ( and I went to the link you posted for help in this mission statement. Friends of ours wrote this Family Roadmap Workbook and I highly recommend it. . .I think I'll link Joe & Aimee to your project here. . .it's a great way to proclaim and display your family's mission statement.

  7. 31

    Juliek says

    I love this idea it’s been on my list of things to accomplish by the end of the summer thanks for the ideas ands your good example

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