WFMW: Mom, I’m Bored- Summer Edition

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By this time in the year, I usually have our summer pretty well planned. But this year, I’m going with a theme. So, it seemed sort of silly to write LAZY DAY on every day of the calendar!

I’m sure after 19 straight days of staying in our pajamas, I’ll be digging up this post! We will probably do a summer book club, swim a lot, church camp and VBS. But that’s why this is one of my all time favorite WFMW for all those in between days of “Mom, I’m Bored!”

My tip:  Create a HUGE fort out of sheets, blankets, even bungee cords and leave it up for a week. Encourage reading in the tent, writing letters, snacks optional. Stick a movie in the laptop under the fabric house, tell secrets, let the kids sleep in it over night!

I also thought I’d share the last TWO YEARS of “Mom, I’m Bored” links!!

So, with this linky today and the links for the past two years, clearly boredom is a thing of the past.

You can read the WFMW guidelines here and grab your own button!

  1. TidyMom{Make Printer Ink last longer}
  2. Kids Helping Haiti { @ impressyourkids}
  3. The Diaper Diaries (Visit a Farm)
  4. Amy @ Finer Things (Family Card Games)
  5. S. H. M. I. L. Y.
  6. Denise @ Fullnest
  7. Julie From Inmates (Camps)
  8. Muses of Megret (several fun ideas!)
  9. Raising Arrows {Well-Placed Scripture}
  10. Other Uses 4 A Pizza Cutter!~The Mommy On the Bus
  11. Robyn (Little Boy Summer Fun)
  12. Jen @ BigBinder (Taking my kids fishing!)
  13. 5 Easy Steps to Record Your Childhood
  14. Tales of a Middle Schooler (a 12 yr olds ideas)
  15. Cupcake Fun @ HoosierHomemade
  16. Kingdom First Mom – Landscape Gardening
  17. ElizabethG (Quick Healthy Meal Tips)
  18. GenXMoms (Taking a baby on a plane)
  19. Big Fun on a Small Budget (Inspired2Action – Kat)
  20. Screen Time Redeemable Certificates for Summer!!
  21. oh amanda {pancake breakfast!}
  22. Kitchen/House Remodel finding deals(ilovemy5kids)
  23. Beat the Heat with Audiobooks!
  24. Moms in Need of Mercy(Find Pictures for Your Blog)
  25. Summer Sanity Saver List @ Creative2xmom
  26. Blackened Cajun Fish @ Creative2xmom
  27. Strawberry Rhubarb Compote @ Creative2xmom
  28. GroovieMom – STOP Summer BRAIN DRAIN – Math Fun!
  29. FREE Boxes of FUN
  30. Weird Unsocialized HSers (summer fun ideas)
  31. Keep Freezer Meals Fresh for Months!
  32. 77 Boredom Busters (ilovemy5kids)
  33. Beach Fun ACTIVATE Kids Concert
  34. Summer Activities for Kids – Paying vs. FREE
  35. Simple & Sustainable Wedding Tips (Frugal Granola)
  36. Simply Practical (just get wet!)
  37. You CAN make yogurt! (no special equipment)
  38. It Feels Like Chaos (summer plan)
  39. Daring to be Different @ Homeschooling Hearts&Minds
  40. Crockpot freezer meals in minutes
  41. FishMama (Cold Water Wash and Line Dry)
  42. Amy @ Gospel Homemaking (Homeschool and books)
  43. Kid friendly Crescent Pizza Rolls
  44. How to Throw a MESSY PARTY your kids wont forget!
  46. Board and Batten Entry Makeover
  48. Praying For Children to Speak Life -Janna
  49. Summer Fun Ideas!
  50. Cooking With My Kids (GravityofMotion)
  51. Turn An Antique Window Into A Table
  52. Turn An Antique Window Into A Table
  53. mistie
  54. Loo Roll Marionettes, Red Ted
  55. A Stylish Little Man Nursery
  56. No Sew Bunting!
  57. Mirror, Mirror on My Wall. . .
  58. Life of a Happy Mom – Ideas for Preschoolers
  59. 30+ easy boredom busters
  60. Family Stamping FOOD (Make Sun Tea)
  61. Parening in Blue Jeans (Kid craft)
  62. carol @ simple_catholic (5 tips)
  63. A Busy Mom of Two (summer reading)
  64. Go berry picking and then make this bread!
  65. Girls in White Dresses/blogging for kids
  66. Its come 2 this (Computer Back-Up)
  67. Mary Anns House (tip for washing dishes)
  68. Feels Like Home (how to make princess castle cake)
  69. OLbD- handling stress
  70. Happy Hour
  71. Arts Chili Pepper
  72. Parenting Miracles (Swinging)
  73. Koolaid Playdough ~ Jolanthe
  74. Sponge Toss Game! {Jolanthe}
  75. Waiting. . .
  76. Active Imagination Exercise (Melissa @ CI)
  77. Spoon Flowers
  78. Sandra- preschool & toddler ideas!
  79. Tracey @ Girls to Grow (Summer Learning Program)
  80. Sandra- kids craft for every room!
  81. Summer ideas/Easy Whole Wheat Bread
  82. Training Happy Hearts (clean up time strategy)
  83. Bible Study { @ Like a Bubbling Brook}
  84. Frugal Summer Activities @ Littles Rule the Roost
  85. Marshmallow Fluff – Homemade Mamas
  86. Celebrate Everything!
  87. Butterfly Feeder – Homemade Mamas
  88. Live, Laugh, Love~ Organizing Art Supplies
  89. How to make your own produce wash
  90. Kristen @ Hope Abound: Dish Towel Fix-a-roo
  91. Summer Fun With Bubbles!
  92. Erin (Battle Plan)
  93. NeverBored – Summer Bucket List
  94. The Original Coupon Coach – Packing My Lunch
  95. Dealing with Frugal Burn-Out
  96. Everything Moms-keeping critters out of the garden
  97. Living So Abundantly(TopsyTurvy Tomatoes and Such)
  98. Kim @ FamilyNatural (Flyladys BabySteps)
  99. School is Out Now What?- ACTIVITY MOM
  100. Suzanne (Digital Photography)
  101. Mod Filing Cabinet Makeover @ Potholes & Pantyhose
  1. Johnlyn (Frugal Cold Cereal Alternatives)
  2. Jenny @ The Zepf Life (Garage Sale Finds)
  3. Tackling the Chaos in My Laundry Room
  4. Melonie K. @ One Little Change
  5. Adventures in Mommydom(sewing tip)
  6. Alicias Homemaking (17 Tips For Living on Less)
  7. Bend the Rules
  8. Liz @ The Flowering Dogwood (Stuffed Strawberries)
  9. RedemptionUnlimited, Using Cartoons Measuring Time
  10. Brandi ($ for Worksheets & Story Prompts)
  11. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect (a clean kitchen)
  12. JoAnn ~ Hand towels that stay put!
  13. Erin @ LTC-Blah to Beautiful Votive Covers
  14. Handcrafted Tablecloth Weights Giveaway
  15. Making a Tiny Kitchen Work @ Feminine Adventures
  16. (Donnas Daze) Freezer cooking for summertime fun
  17. Make Flour-Free Oatmeal Pancakes
  18. Space Saving Storage Solution – Young Wifes Tale
  19. Eden @ Mothers Who Know (Tips for clothesline)
  20. Drink wine to save money on your dental bills!
  21. Shelley @ Authentic Homemade(OAMC and a Giveaway)
  22. 15 Boredom Busters (Bitterroot Mama)
  23. Kelli @ SustainingCreativity (Prayer)
  24. Men and Pistachios -Fathers Day @ HowDoesShe
  25. Alison (Freebies for Friends / Summer Fun)
  26. Ruffled Party Streamers @ HowDoesShe
  27. No More Summer Mush Mind @ HowDoesShe
  28. Stay In LOVE @ HowDoesShe
  29. pennypinchinmomma( my top 10 list)
  30. Jenny 867-5309 (Schedule routine)
  31. Lizzie~A Dusty Frame–tips for basement appliances
  32. Momof6 sanity tips (:
  33. The Selling Sisters~Thrifting for profit
  34. Lindas Lunacy – The KIDS ideas!
  35. Calorie counters
  36. The Travel Jar: a Unique Anytime Craft
  37. Jennifer -OHH- Travel ideas 4 Summer Fun
  38. New To Mom: New Phone
  39. The Gaines Gang {Summertime Giveaway}
  40. Barbara Jean Nest Collage
  41. Solitude
  42. Lettuce in a Jar
  43. Rachel (Motivation to Reach Fitness Goals)
  44. GARLIC CROUTONS @ The Tidy Nest
  45. Getting Ahead – keep your child learning
  46. Samantha @ The Good Stuff (Summer Snack Boxes)
  47. A Slob Comes Clean (Kids Bathroom Cleaning Baskets
  48. Angie “Mom, Im Bored”
  49. Bored? Read a Free Childrens Book?
  50. Rebecca at Turned Loose (Organized Summer Series)
  51. LESLIE – teach your kids (and yes, boys) to sew!
  52. Rachel(worlds best laundry detergent)
  53. Buttermilk Spice Bread & Labeling Cookbooks @ BKnTD
  54. Bear Hugs Baby – DIY Putt Putt Golf
  55. Lisa @ BlessedwithGrace(bake cookies for firemen)
  56. Beat the Boredom Bug!
  57. Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama(Real Food on a Budget
  59. Snack Packs for kids
  60. a few tips + a call for Help!!
  61. EnviroBecca: Potlucks prevent boredom!
  62. Adorkable: : : Jillian Michaels
  63. Amyswandering (Indoor Summer Fun Tub)
  64. Breakfast entertainment1
  65. Living on 1 income- daily schedule
  66. IN Everything (Simple secret messages)
  67. Elmo Cupcakes
  68. Turn beads into buttons – fun!
  69. Locket Ring TUTORIAL @ LittleMissMomma
  70. Button Headband TUTORIAL @ LittleMissMomma
  71. Veggie (Bored edition)
  72. Retro Lamp Revamp
  73. Eos Mom (indoor and outdoor ideas)
  74. Where it began
  75. Harrys Rag Quilt
  76. Simply Sweet Home (Ranch Pasta)
  77. Simply Sweet Home (cupcakes)
  78. The Big Challenge Finale @ My Dear Trash
  79. Sewing up Patio Cushion Covers!
  80. PeacefulHome (review of our chore system)
  81. Feeding Four – Green Cleaning *GIVEAWAY*
  82. Crystal & Co- Fun Kids Party Favors on a Budget
  83. Creating a Vision Board
  84. Home Renovations!
  85. GroovieMom – Cure BORED kids with BOARD games
  86. Chicken Corn Chowder
  87. popcorn – easy & yummy!
  88. cooler makeover @ HoH
  89. Michelle (shared calendar, free attractions)
  91. Our Summer Project – Writing out I John
  92. Summer Bingo ideas to keep the kids busy
  93. An Oregon Cottage (organizing paperwork)
  94. Whacha think?
  95. For Free, Ya Take (Home Summer Camp)
  96. Moneywise Moms (Monetize your Blog?)
  97. Skating in the Kitchen – mopping made fun!
  98. Best Doll Paper Dresses
  99. Scrap box: A great gift idea!
  100. Chocolate Almond Biscotti @ Recipes for Moms
  101. Boredom Busters 101
  102. This linky list is now closed.


  1. 2


    Last year we made a Big List on poster board of lots of fun things to do. Even though my youngest will be 13 later this month, he says he still wants to do it again.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. 6


    Better yet, let dad and the kids camp out in the backyard!! That’s been a fun summer activity for the last 2 years. And, this mom, just takes a wonderful bubble bath inside the house. :)

  3. 7

    Jen says

    Wow…a lot of these links have NOTHING to do with summer boredom. Can you be a bit more strict with the rules? I was excited to see these, but really have to waft through them to find the summer boredom tips.

    • 7.1


      Hi Jen,
      The theme is just a suggestion. I don’t want this to be so rigid with a lot of rules. I realize not everyone even has children and I certainly don’t want to forbid them from participating. The themes are really for frequent participants who run out of ideas.

  4. 8


    My kids love fort building, so I am in 100% agreement with your tip.

    By the way, your button did not seem to work today when I cut and pasted it. Not sure why. It has in the past. Maybe a glitch on this end, but I wanted you to know…

  5. 9


    Last year we spent A LOT of time at the beach and zoo. I have a feeling this summer is going to be more of the same. Luckily, my son is a toddler, and only has 2 weeks of vacation every summer!

  6. 11


    Wow, what a fun link up! Wish I could join in but I think I’ll be too busy reading everyone elses wonderful ideas to have time to create my own list.

  7. 13

    Sally says

    I am not sure if you are aware that your ad network is running an ad at the top of your page for women’s lingerie. The model is posed somewhat suggestively and given your frequent discussions about the dangers of pornography and our culture’s oversexualization of women, it seems a bit off. I just thought you should know, in case you did not see it before the ads rotated.

  8. 14


    Yeah, I saw the same ad Sally mentioned. It sure is hard sometimes when you can’t control the ad content as much as you would like.

    I was curious… the first of the month is supposed to be on a theme, but most of the posts have nothing to do with “Mom, I’m Bored” ideas. I had a hard time finding those in the middle of all the other things. I only discovered WFMW a few weeks ago, so this is my first theme day. Just wondering if it’s always like this.

    I must say, though, it’s been really great finding other people’s ideas. I’ve bookmarked a few for use later on. :) And this post too! :) Thanks for doing this service!

    • 14.1


      Hi Lisa,
      The theme is a suggestion. I realize not everyone even has children and I certainly don’t want to forbid them from participating on a theme like this one. The themes are really for frequent participants who run out of ideas and this is to help maybe trigger an idea they hadn’t thought of. Glad you’re finding it helpful though.

  9. 16


    My 2 year old daughter LOVES (and I don’t think I can say that with enough enthusiasm!) forts! We started building sheet forts with her when she was about 1.5 yrs, and the joys of hiding out, reading a book, playing puzzles, listening to music, and all kinds of fun activities still hasn’t wained. Though we still make sheet forts, we’re now onto box forts, furniture forts, tree forts, and pretty much any nook or cranny that can be made into a fort! Oh the joys of imagination and discovery!

    Thanks for all of your ideas!

  10. 17


    I will right away seize your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Kindly allow me realize so that I may just subscribe.

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