There are hungry orphans in Africa. We can help them.

[Warning: There is a faith-put-into-action opportunity at the end of this post. PLEASE do not miss it!]

I believe in a Divine God that connects dots.

I’m a dot.

You’re a dot.

He draws a line between you and me and we are connected.

I can’t explain it, but I know in my heart that God wants to use my blog to mobilize mothers to do good things for Him. I don’t have time for a catchy logo or cute graphic-there are hungry babies in Ethiopia right now and there is a baby formula shortage.

My dot was connected with Dinah, one of America’s greatest pro-life leaders. Besides setting up more than 30 maternity homes in America and her first in Africa, she is using her pro-life warehouse to ship formula into the suitcases of people traveling into Africa. It is saving the lives of precious starving babies in four of Ethiopia’s orphanages, some in remote areas.

Dinah is running low on formula and that’s where your dot comes in: There are hungry babies in Africa and we can help them.

It is a fact that 30,000 (yes, you read that right: thirty-thousand) children die every day from hunger and preventable disease. That number is so large it’s hard to comprehend. But your donation will make a difference to one. Your gift of formula will save a life. (the tiny faces of these babes have been covered to protect their future adoptions.)

Can you send formula? Will you connect your dot with ours?

For the next 30 hours, I will be pushing hard, updating, mobilizing and partnering with Into the Streets of Ethiopia to get cans of formula committed to send to Arizona (and then on to Ethiopia)!

TWO generous donors have offered to MATCH the first 100 200 cans that are donated (that’s $2000 in formula!) from my blog.

Please leave a comment with how many of the large cans of WalMart (milk based only, no soy), you can send to this address:

Heritage House ’76, Inc.

919 So. Main St.,

Snowflake, AZ  85937

If you do not have a WalMart near you, you can purchase a WalMart gift card online and have it sent directly to the address above. Please make sure you make a notation that it is for formula if you can. But they have been notified that all WalMart gift cards are designated for formula. You can also send a check for formula (for a tax deductible donation) to Living Hope Women’s Centers. Formula will be bought and sent.

[from Dinah: “We will send the formula with work crews and adoptive parents as they go over.  We have shipped close to 400lbs since April but are running out.  Check out the Post Office one price if it fits and see how many cans can fit in a box]

God connects dots.

Please leave a comment if you can send a can of formula.

*Update* As of 9 am CST on Monday morning, there have been 115 cans of formula donated!!! Let’s keep going!
*Updated Again* As of 2pm CST, there have been 156 cans of formula donated!!!


  1. 1

    Hannah Sparks says

    I can send two cans. I’ll get them in the mail tomorrow.

    I’m also making some dresses on my own for the DIYFO. When do you need them by? This week sometime? I have about 10-12 to send. Thanks!

  2. 2


    Count me in. Any idea how many cans fit in one of those USPS one size boxes? Well, I’ll commit to at least 4, maybe more once I get a box and see how many fit.

  3. 3

    Anna Piker says

    I can send 4 cans! Thanks for giving us the inspiration and the opportunity to help.
    My heart is willing, but I know many of us are clueless as to what/where/how we can help.
    You are doing the hard work and we love and appreciate you!

  4. 5


    I will send some, too. Here’s an idea, Kristen. When I did this for Haiti, I started a “wishlist” on Amazon that people could follow from my blog. It allowed them to purchase the formula online and have it packaged and shipped (free) to the “carrier mule” people. Maybe WalMart has something similar?

  5. 6


    Any suggestions for us Canadians or other foreigners who would love to help, but who would rather donate money because the cost of shipping would be better spent directly on formula?

    Love your heart… thanks for helping us help, once again!

  6. 8

    Cara says

    I want to help but I can’t get to a wal mart (I live in NYC). Can I send you a monetary donation instead?

  7. 12


    I’ll go buy a Walmart card = to 2 cans of formula and send it to Heritage House. I’m thinking that the amount I spend on shipping would buy another can of formula.

  8. 15


    Hey! I was wondering do they have access to water? I’m assuming that since it’s a orphanage and that they do use formula that they have access to clean water. I wonder if Brita would donate filters and pitchers for the orphanage???

    • 15.1

      kristen says

      Great question-I don’t have an answer, but will ask! Feel free to make some phone calls to Brita if you want :)

      • 15.1.1


        That’s a good line of thinking, but Brita’s don’t filter any diseases/parasites, etc, which are the real problem with the water in most developing nations, not just large pieces of sediment, etc. and things that affect taste.

      • 15.1.2


        This is my question, as well. I have read that in most developing nations, dirty drinking water is the greatest factor in disease. Perhaps you should suggest that people purchase and/or send already-mixed formula rather than the powder type? That would eliminate the need for clean water.



          If they have been sustaining the babies already, I’m sure they have ways of making their water source safe. Shipping over pre-mixed would add a whole lot to the weight (and it would take much more to do the same job). I’m sure they are filtering and/or boiling water to use with formulas. It’s sweet of you all to think of it though!

          Kim living in Africa

  9. 17


    For those of us who are not near a Wal-Mart or are concerned about buying the wrong type of formula, could we simply mail a gift card or prepaid visa to the address above? With a note designating what it is for? If so, count me in for 2 cans for sure!

    • 17.1

      kristen says

      Yes, if you do not have a WalMart near you, but you want to help, a prepaid Visa gift card would be a great option. Please mark it for “formula” on the outside of the envelope. If you would rather send a WalMart giftcard than pay for shipping, this is an option too.

  10. 19


    I will donate four cans via $40 gift card sent to them from Wal-Mart. Thanks VERY much for offering tangible ways to give – I know this is a painless way, but I am happy to do it!

  11. 21


    Since I nursed all my babies, I wasn’t sure how much a can of formula is, so I just sent them a $12 gift card for Walmart :o) Hope that covers one can! Thank you for the opportunity, Kristen. You’re such a blessing to so many!

    • 26.1

      kristen says

      Just to give y’all an update: 9pm CST time-59 cans have been committed (or gift cards for that amount). FIFTY-NINE. Yay! God. Keep it up.

  12. 27

    Amy says

    Just curious…. why it has to be Walmart brand.? For various reason our family does not support/shop at that store.

    • 27.1


      When my sister went to Haiti, she purchased formula, etc. at Wal Mart because she could buy the greatest amount of supplies for the least amount of dollars. I am assuming this is what Heritage House is doing as well. If this is the case, you could purchase the formula from whatever store you feel comfortable with and ship it directly to Heritage House. **Kristen, please correct me if I am wrong!**

    • 27.2


      You could probably buy the formula from whatever store you feel comfortable with and ship it directly to Heritage House or the post does mention writing a check to Living Hope Women’s Centers.

  13. 31

    Jenn Blake says

    Thanks for this opportunity to play “Connect the Dots” ! I always loved those!! I will send a gift card for 2 cans. What a great opportunity you have given your readers!

  14. 34

    Kim says

    Three cans will be mailed out Tuesday. I’m thankful for the opportunities you provide for me to serve others in ways I would not have been aware of otherwise.

    Did you publish a final count of dresses or is that project still in progress?

  15. 35


    Put down the House of Hills for a $25 gift card. So that’s about 2 cans? I’ll pick it up when I get some stuff to mail to the soldiers this week.

    Kristen, I am just SO THANKFUL for you for organizing us to “do” something. You are and amazing servant heart.

  16. 43


    I am sending a gift card for $20, but there was no way to include a note that it is for formula. Of course, they can use the card for whatever they need, it is all for the good. Thanks for using your blog for this.

  17. 44

    Carrin says

    Is it ok to send Nestle formula? I breastfeed my son but Nestle has recently sent me a can of powder which is still brand new and never opened. It’s not much but I would still love to send it to you.

  18. 47


    My family will be sending a Wal-mart gift card our tomorrow. Also, I’m posting the direct link to this post on my Facebook account and challenging my friends to join in to feed hungry babies. I’m also posting about this on my blog. Kristen, your gift of helping people is soo awesome. I love that you are soo willing to do as you are called.

  19. 49

    Heather says

    I will commit to two at least. I’ll see if I can pick up more and I’m posting it Facebook to try to get some more going. You are certainly earning treasures in heaven!

    • 53.1


      I am speechless. The kids were curious what I was doing so I shared this with them. I didn’t ask or even imagine, but they handed me an ADDITIONAL $75.47 to donate for formula from their own tithes and savings. I don’t know whether to cry or be pleased or be shamed by them. I felt a little silly sending an amount that wasn’t an even dollar amount, but I dare not squander those “widow’s mites”. May God bless and increase those $0.47!

  20. 55


    We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and I’m brought to tears thinking that the formula your readers are donating could be feeding my son! Thank you all so much! We’ll be sending a gift card!

  21. 57


    Kristen, I’m one of those lurkers who never comments, but has watched your heart change since your Compassion trip. What an amazing ministry you have here. Thank you for being open to be God’s hands and feet and voice. I’ll be sending at least 4.

    • 58.1


      Kristen can correct me if I’m wrong, but my guess is that Heritage House is buying Wal Mart brand formula because it is the least expensive and they can buy the most amount of formula for the least amount of dollars that way. If you wanted to help, you could purchase formula (I think Kristen said milk only, no soy based formulas) from another seller and ship it to Heritage House. The pictures from the orphanages in Africa showed a suitcase filled with Similac so I doubt they’re picky about only using Wal Mart brand.

  22. 61

    SandyE says

    I just sent a $15 gift card to cover the cost of one can of formula. Thanks for getting the word out Kristen!

  23. 62


    Kristen – would love to hear how it’s all going. Our “Eat Right. Sleep Tight.” program focuses on doing exactly what you are doing – we’ve sent hundreds of pounds to Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti and Ecuador… would love to consider working together on some stuff in the future…

    God bless you for your work…


  24. 63

    Sarah K says

    A $25 gift card, which I believe will cover 2 cans of formula, is on the way. Thanks for sharing this need.

  25. 66


    Memebers of our church are headed over at the end of the month. We have already send seeds so they can learn to garden for their own food. And now we have been collecting clothes. You would not believe how much we got. If you have Dollar Generals near you go talk to them. Apparently their out of season clothes they just shread! CRAZY. Our local store gave them to us. Good luck with your efforts here.

  26. 69


    A $50 Wal Mart gift card is on the way to Snowflake, AZ. Hopefully that is enough for 4 large cans of formula. Thanks for this great opportunity! May God bless you and the work that you are doing! Thanks also to the donors who are matching our gifts to double God’s work!

  27. 70

    Jen C. says

    A $25 GC is on its way in honor of the 3 families in our church who have adopted 7 beautiful Ethiopian children.

  28. 72

    Vicky says

    I sent a $25 Walmart Gift card from their website. Some mentioned that they weren’t able to note that the GCs were for formula. What I was able to do was put “WATF” in the first name box and “Formula Drive” in the last name box. Then on address line one put “Heritage House 76″ and the street on address line two. Seems to have worked well.

  29. 73


    Been looking for a God-directed opportunity to give – $100 WalMart gift card on the way!! Don’t know how many cans that is:-), but thankful for the opportunity!

  30. 75


    I “pledged” on Twitter, but in case you want it in writing–I’m sending one can! This hits home with me–I have friends who have or on in the process of adopting FOUR children from Ethiopia. This could be saving their future children. Amen!

  31. 78


    Just sent a $15 gift card to cover the cost of one can. Thanks for getting this message out! God bless you all and keep up His work : )

    Lots of love,

  32. 81


    I wanted to update you, Kristen. Today we went a gift card that will pay for 2 large cans of formula. My daughter also decided to color a picture and put it into the envelope. She was as excited as a 3 year old could be about helping babies.

  33. 86

    Bilette says

    To whom much has been given, much is expected… We have been blessed with a job promotion and raise today. We will be sending $100 gift card tomorrow. Thank you sharing this opportunity!

  34. 87

    angie wynn says

    We have 8 cans from when our son was born. he was adopted- so i understand your frustration with the comments about breast milk vs formula. the formula is similac- is that okay? i tried to read the answers to all of the posts earlier- but i couldn’t find that one- 2 are soy- so i guess our actual total is 6 cans of formula! 😉 thank you and may GOD bless each of the lives touched by this ministry!!!

  35. 91



    I sent a WM gift card for $25.00. I didn’t see a spot to make a notation, but did include it as for baby formula in the first part of the street addy. Hope that works!


  36. 92


    I’ll go to the store with my boys tomorrow and pray over how many we can buy when we get there… counts us in for 1 for sure! And I’ll go blog about this right now. :) Connecting dots… ♥ Michelle

  37. 93

    Lynette says

    Better late than never….bought 2 cans today – will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know of ways to help!

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