I Give You: the Silhouette SD {Giveaway}

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Please check out the amazing Cyber Monday deal here. Use code: FAMILY

Boy, do I have a treat for y’all!

I’ve got a new love in my life. She and I have gotten very close in just a matter of weeks.

I’d love for you to meet the Silhouette SD-the most amazing digital cutting tool available!

This little machine creates endless possibilities!  With the Silhouette, you can cut vinyl, paper, make custom apparel, magnets and temporary tattoos–create cards and etch glass–to name a few!

Look what we made with the Silhouette in just a matter of minutes:

It cut this felted transfer paper perfectly:

Darling, huh?

With a press of a few buttons, I made birthday invitations for my youngest:

I’m so excited about making things for the Mercy House! I thought it would be fun to make magnets for our supporters.

Here’s a quick tutorial-

Simply choose the design-everything in red is where the Silhouette cuts:

Next, you need to fill in whatever color you will be printing for the magnets:

Insert magnet paper, proper blade and hit the CUT button:

And voila!

(The Silhouette even cut out this brochure holder from card stock!)

Look at this vinyl Africa:

And gifts? I have so many ideas!

I needed a quick gift and so I shopped my house to make a cute Bath Salt gift:

[bud vase (.99), unused bath salts, tule and ribbon from my craft drawer and I cut the vinyl word JOY w/the Silhouette]

And I can’t wait to make this:


And today, I’m giving one of these AMAZING machines away!

The giveaway includes:

A Silhouette Machine

(a $299.99 value)

And it includes…

Silhouette machine

  • Software for Windows XP/Vista, Mac

  • Power cable, USB cable

  • 2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)

  • One cutting blade

  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

    {Don’t forget: SILHOUETTE now available to MAC USERS TOO!!}


    Want to win this sleek beautiful gal? Here’s how you enter:

    • Leave a comment, telling me what you love about the Silhouette SD-1 entry
    • Tweet “I want to win a Silhouette Craft Cutter @wearethatfamily (with this link to the post) http://tiny.cc/mnxgp-second entry
    • Facebook it-third entry

    U.S. entries only, please.

    And the best part????

    Cyber Monday deal!
    It is only valid on Monday, November 29, 2010 starting at 4 am and ending at midnight the same day.
    It will be sold for $199
    (originally $299)
    This is the newest version with more capabilities and newest technology.
    Silhouette America has NEVER sold these cutters for this cheap.

    PLUS!! Included in that price is:

    1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)

    1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)

    1 Home decor CD (Value $55)

    Total ($70.98)

    All for ONLY $199!!

    That’s almost $200 dollar in savings!

    Check back on NEXT Monday, Nov.29, to see who won this amazing machine and get the coupon code for the great Cyber Monday deal!

    DISCLAIMER: I was sent a lovely Silhouette SD to review, but I did not receive compensation to say I liked it. That’s just my honest opinion.


    1. 2258

      Shar says

      I love the versatility I’ve seen with the Silhouette. From subway art signs, to heat transfers for clothing, to “wall words”–what’s not to like? I’d love to try it!

    2. 2263

      Stephanie Little says

      I want to decorate binders, make a chore chart/reward system, organize my preschool supplies, and use it for my scrapbooking.

    3. 2265

      missyb says

      I love that the possibilities with the Silhouette are endless since you can use images from your pc and not have to depend on cartridges and stuff!! I also love it’s small design. You have shown a lot of great ideas on this post, thank you.

    4. 2272

      Cheryl says

      Love this giveaway!!! I think the best thing about the Silhouette is that you can just use your computer alone!! NO Cartridges! Genius!! I think this would revolutionize my life!! Thanks for letting me dream!

    5. 2278

      Cheryl says

      I posted about the contest on Facebook!! I also told everyone to check out all the great things you’ve made with the machine! I love your Africa magnets!!! I want to make some also!!

    6. 2279

      Judy Bradley says

      I love the variety of projects one can do with this. There is a lady at church who has some wonderful things she has made. I have so many ideas of things I could do with this. I could never afford to buy one – even at the discount price, so winning one would be more than great!

    7. 2298


      I love this little gadget. I love that it does EVERYTHING! I am just thinking of all the gifts I could make and all the home decorating I could do! If I don’t win, I will be bugging my husband to get me one- and I wont stop until he does!

    8. 2300

      Emily Lyons says

      That is such an awesome tool! My teen would just go nuts with it – after I had a few minutes (months) with it! WOW!

    9. 2303


      What I love most about the Silhouette SD is that it is now Mac-friendly. Of course, there’s all the fun, amazing crafty-type things it does, as well!

    10. 2305

      Ashley says

      I would love to try my hand at subway art with the Silhouette. Also, I decorate tees, and this would make it SOOO much easier.

    11. 2314

      Callie says

      I would love to win one to customize shirts for my little man and make some nursery decor for our little one on the way.

    12. 2316

      Shaylene says

      I would make christmas shirts for my kids using the heat transfer. I love this machine!!


    13. 2322

      Kim says

      I would love to use the Silhouette to design t-shirts for my family. There are so many things to do with this machine!

    14. 2326

      Debbie says

      There are so many things I would do with this machine. I would make so many adorable gifts for my grandkids and daughters.

    15. 2328

      Jon says

      This would be the best surprise for my wife. She would let me do anything I wanted if she got this machine for Christmas.

    16. 2330

      CourtneyA says

      I Love that in the hard times my family is experiencing right now I could make unique Christmas/birthday presents and save money!

    17. 2332


      What couldn’t I make with it! First thing I think would be a vinyl for my laptop that says Hands Off! …but then I think one of those cute Laundry signs would be great! Thanks

      *wishing it’s me*

      • 2340.1


        good day, guys.glad to see you have a good berth tonight and will sleep well,storing up rvserees for any tough days to come.glad to see you are aware of the challenges that may come up in the cold rural south.as i’m sure you know, you’ll also be surprised sometimes by some of that old southern hospitality. say thank you and don’t look back!if you have to sleep outdoors, you’ll get a taste of what civil war soldiers experienced.i’ll be sending you all reiki again tonight from vermont while you sleep.will be checking in again tomorrow evening.good luck for tomorrow, and thanks so much for putting your time and energy into the pics, vids, and blogs!your march is very powerful.am traveling by your side in spirit and with love.

    18. 2342

      Jessica says

      This machine is so amazing! I’ve seen it in action and am amazed at what it can do. I would use it for everything! Scrapbooking, home decor, making t-shirts, cards and tons more!


    19. 2346

      Kristen G. says

      I love that you can download new things to do instead of having to buy different cartridges. So many different things are available also.

    20. 2348

      mindy phelps says

      I love that it is there to save the day when you are in a bind and need something PRONTO!!! by the way thank you for being a hero in my eyes and I’m positive so many others with Mercy House!!

    21. 2351

      Shannon Bush says

      Hmmmm what do I love about this machine…well EVERYTHING!! Mainly the possibilities are ENDLESS! I LOVE the vinyl though and that chore chart is to die for;)

    22. 2369

      ~Kim says

      I can’t go to sleep because I’ve been thinking of all of the fun things I can do with the Silhouette. I’ve never splurged on scrapbook equipment before, but girl this would make it so much easier! So many possibilities!


    23. 2370

      Erin says

      There are so many things I would do with this thing!! I think I would start with some wall vinyls though. Fingers crossed!

    24. 2371


      You have made some seriously cute things with your Silhouette. I’ve sold my other die cut machine hoping to get one of these gems. I love that the Silhouette doesn’t require expensive cartriges. Those boogers add up!

    25. 2372


      Oh I just LOVE the Silhouette! I have seriously wanted one FOREVER!!! If I win (fingers and toes crossed!), the first thing I would do, is some cute vinyl decorations for Christmas. But the possibilites are ENDLESS! Here’s hoping!!!

    26. 2373


      I would love to receive one to make some fabulous labels for the kitchen and some adorable clothes for my little girl, Charlotte! Thanks for the offer!

    27. 2374

      Erin Joseph says

      I would love to try everything it can do, but I think my favorite would be making custom clothes with the heat transfer material! So fun and unique!

    28. 2375

      Renee Richins says

      I love that you don’t have to buy cartridges and can use your own fonts on it, but that they also have a store to download things from.

    29. 2383

      Kate says

      I love how many designs are available and how accessible they are. Also love that I can use ANY font in my library!

    30. 2384


      I would LOVE to create cards and vinyl art and some iron-on transfers for baby clothing. I have so many ideas of what I would do with a silhouette!!

    31. 2389

      Angela says

      I would LOVE to put my favorite Bible verses all on the walls of every room in our house. Great giveaway (and SO excited Mac users can finally play, too!)

    32. 2393

      Lucretia says

      I love that the Silhouette can make rinestone shirts and iron on transfers. I want to win this Silhouette!!!!

    33. 2396

      holly e says

      I would do anything and everything with it! I would be the envy of all my friends!! Oh what a Christmas it would be if I had one at home with me!!

    34. 2397

      Sarah S. says

      I would love to finally get all my projects finished. I love Vinyl lettering especially for walls, decor, and scrapbooking!! I hope I win this!!

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