Because Sometimes You Have To….

♥ Pull to Flush

The handle broke, replacement on it’s way and my hubby is a southern engineer.

♥ Pick Your Battles

(my 4 year old insisted that I buckle up her paper friend)

♥  Pretend it’s clean

My desk lately

Life isn’t neat.

Sometimes you have to……

Fill in the ______ (blank)


  1. 5

    marfmomma says

    …..submit to your husband’s sense of comfortable even when you are not thrilled. God has a bigger plan.

  2. 15


    Remind yourself that your two year old really doesn’t know why it’s not a good idea to play in the potty. And then take a deep breath and clean him up. Again.

  3. 18

    sushi_noem says

    …take a nap first thing in the morning, right after pouring a bowl of cereal for your 3 year old with your eyes shut…

  4. 20

    Melissa says

    Yes you do have to pick your battles. When my 9 year old son was 3, he would fall asleep with snow boots, swimming goggles and other stuff on. After he fell asleep, my husband and I would go take it off! Some battles are not worth fighting !!

  5. 21

    Ann M says

    ..let your children dress themselves. I FREQUENTLY say, ” I don’t care what you wear as long as you wear underwear”. Still working on not saying it in a sarcastic Dr’ Suess rhyming kind of way…..

  6. 24


    Life isn’t neat.
    Sometimes you have to……

    …Head out the door at 6am in -32F weather to avoid the evening “Resolution” crowd at the local gym… with a smile on your face. 80lbs lost — getting fit in anticipation of our mission trip to Africa this fall — totally worth it.

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