Mercy House Collection Drive: Jan. 1-31

The countdown for opening the Mercy House in Kenya has officially begun! While we are still fundraising and raising monthly support, our focus is shifting to collecting supplies and items we will be taking to Africa in June. Each month, we will host a collection drive (you can check out the monthly lists here).

This is such a great TANGIBLE way to be a part of Mercy House and to get your friends, kids, family and church involved!

January 1-31: Prenatal Items and Pregnancy Tests

We are collecting vitamins-any brand, any quantity. We are also collecting pregnancy tests. We are in the process of connecting with a Christian Crisis Pregnancy ministry in Kenya.

[Most Dollar Stores carry pregnancy tests…for just $1!]

If you’d rather shop online, I’m excited to share our ONLINE PRENATAL WISH LIST at In His Hands, a Christian Midwifery supply company.

You can purchase them on behalf of Mercy House at really affordable prices and have them shipped to this address:

The Mercy House

8000 Research Forest Dr Ste. 115-110

Spring, TX 77382

Scale Sling COTTON $14.00
Birth Kit $18.00
Pregnancy Calculator $4.00
Mesh Panty / Brief $1.40
Pad, Non-Sterile, Contoured, $0.30
Underpad, 23 X 36 $0.40
Underpad, 23 X 24 $0.30
Underpad, 30 X 36, REUSABLE $9.00
Cord Clamp $1.25
In His Hands Emergency Birth Kit $12.00
In His Hands Basic Birth Kit $27.00
Pregnancy Calculator $4.00

(Several quantities of each are needed. Items will be removed from this list once enough are purchased) Thank you!

Would you consider loving mercy by collecting these items with us?

Please leave a comment (or come back after you’ve ordered or later in the month once you’ve mailed your item) and let us know what you’re collecting.

Deadline: Jan. 31

If you have specific questions regarding this collection drive, please email them to, who has graciously offered to help me run this drive! Thanks, Brooke!


  1. 1

    Amy T. says

    Kristen, I just want to say that I LOVE how EASY you make it for us to help. I mean dollar store pregnancy tests???? I can do that for sure! Going to talk to my husband about what specifically we can donate and I will come back and let you know when I know for sure.

    I feel honored to help your family with this ministry.

  2. 3

    Christa says

    I have a copy of “Emergency Childbirth” that I would be happy to send you, as soon as I can locate where it is in my books since we moved. I’m assuming we mail it to the address listed in the blog post? Blessings, Christa Zellar

  3. 5


    I get chills watching all of this unfold. How exciting! I’m going to talk to Kahler tonight and see what we might be able to do online. I think I’ll be linking to this opportunity on my blog soon. Blessings.

  4. 6

    Rachel says

    The 99 Cent Only Store has a program where you can order a case full of product (like pregnancy tests!) and they will ship it to a store for free. I checked and there is a store in Spring, TX, so if people were willing to buy a whole case they would not have to worry about shipping costs.

  5. 8

    Amy T. says

    Ok, Kristen……On the way to you is the following:

    – 13 bottles of prenatal vitamins
    – 1 stethoscope
    – 5 mesh panty
    – 5 bulb syringe
    – 5 cord clamps

    Hope that helps!

  6. 10


    I have a copy of each, Where There Is No Doctor for Women, and Where There Is No Dentist. Turns out I’m not using them at all. Would you use them?

  7. 11


    Oh, how I have been LONGING to get rid of my unused pregnancy tests. You have NO IDEA how much I have been longing to get rid of them. *grin* I will be happy to send them along, unless… do pregnancy tests have an expiration date? Anyone know? There wasn’t anything on the packaging that told me one way or the other.

    I’ll also do a little shopping. Because I am so! excited! about this ministry!

  8. 12

    Jen says

    I would like to make a suggestion. PATH makes kits for clean deliveries that include a piece of soap for cleaning hands & perineum, a plastic sheet for a delivery surface, clean string for tying the cord, a clean razor blade for cutting the cord, and pictorial instructions. These kits are made and sold by microenterprises. $5 underwrites the production of about 18 kits.
    see or

  9. 13


    I have had 6 home births, and all of my birth supplies have come from In His Hands. They are VERY reasonably priced. The items are sterile (cord clamps, gloves, etc. come sealed in sterile pouches), and they always include a birth prayer bookmark with each order. They ship FAST, too. I have been extremely impressed with them and I would recommend them anytime! I am glad that you are working with them to provide these supplies!

  10. 15

    Kit says

    ooh, I’m glad I chose this minute to catch up on your blog! I was just about to head out shopping, I will pick up a few of bottles of prenatal vitamins, and some dollar-store pregnancy tests! Glad to help!

  11. 16

    Kim Anderson says

    Just ordered from In His Hands and the order will be shipped to the address that you listed.
    100 paper tape measures
    30 non-sterile countoured pads
    The Mercy House is going to be such a blessing to the women of Kenya!

  12. 17

    Renee says

    I’m sending a box this week with some tests, bandaids, blankets, hats etc. It doesn’t exactly match your drive for the month, hope it’s okay.

  13. 18

    Rebecca says

    This was most exciting!!! I will ship when it all gets here!!! Wish I had thought ahead like Kim did! I would have shipped it right to you all! Oh well…

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

  14. 19


    I just ordered 1 Emergency Birth Kit from “In His Hands” and had shipped to the address in Spring, Tx. God is weaving a love for The Mercy House into my heart, and I’m committing to support you each month this year through these collection drives in whatever way I can. Thank you for making it so easy.

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