How To Memorize Scripture In 3 Easy Steps {Ages 2-100}

After we break bread each night, we break Bread. (Ann’s idea).

We carry our big Bible basket to the table, pick a version and read a chapter or we listen while one of us reads from The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s usually not orderly, sometimes there are fits or spills or both. But we try.

We also choose a Scripture a week  to memorize (we choose the verses from the ShoeboxScripture Treasure set (Samaritan’s Purse) I got for free from Relevant), but this is a similar resource.

How to Memorize Scripture in 3 Easy Steps as a Family:

1. Choose an easy-to-learn Bible translation and a verse that isn’t too long and that isn’t from Song of Solomon.

2. Divide the verse by person, giving each a small portion. Have them come up with hand/body motions that match their few words. (Parents: don’t be afraid to let your kids be creative here. Any time a new verse has the word “but” in it, my kids slap their fanny. I’m praying for grace.)

3. Around the dinner table, let each person stand and say their part w/motions. Let everyone try it together or individually. By the end of the week, you’ll have laughed A LOT and learned a verse from God’s Holy Book. Amen.

Example: [please note, the dramatic flair is not necessary, but always acceptable]

Our verse from last week (captured below in an unedited 17 second clip):

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

P.S. And yes, sassy is the “action” my youngest chose to help remember her part of the verse. And she is storming off at the end of the video. Our next family verse will be on anger.


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    karen says

    Have you read the books by Arnold Ytreeide? He has 3 ‘advent’ stories….Jotham’s Journey, Bartholemew’s Passage and Tabitha’s Travels. They are all different, but intersect at some point. He has just come out with one for Easter called Amon’s Adventure. We started reading these to our boys YEARS ago and read all of them about 3 times.

    Even though my youngest is now 15 we are reading the Easter book together after dinner. Our kids LOVED them.

    I know, this has nothing to do with scripture memory, but your kids are at the ages to really enjoy the books!

  2. 5


    Haha..I’m glad we aren’t the only family that does verses “differently”. Since my kids are just 2 and 3, we use my 3 year old’s AWANA Cubbies book. The verses are usually parts of verses, ie: “worship the Lord with gladness” Ps. 100:2. For that verse, I needed to teach them what worship and gladness meant. In the end, the verse looked like this: Worship (clapping) the Lord (pointing up) with gladness (cheesy grin with fingers pointing at it….usually turning into some silly distorted mouth face).

    I, too, liked Ann’s idea of breaking bread after breaking bread and that was my New Year’s non-resolution resolution.

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    Chris in Canada says

    Kristen! LOVE IT!

    And love that you didn’t ‘clean it up’ before posting – removing the storming off and all.
    What a precious family you are. You’ve no idea how you inspire!

  4. 10


    We have done this for years – and have several chapters of Scripture memorized. It’s the perfect “show” to take to nursing homes. They love it! The biggest benefit (other than hiding the Word in their hearts so they may not SIN against us…er, I mean Him) is that by acting it out, the children have to truly think about what they’re saying (cuz we all know that bearing fruit has something to do with bananas, right?) thanks for sharing this. Too cute!

  5. 12


    Love this!! Thank you for sharing the details of how you do it. So many times I just hear about families memorizing scripture but you broke it down and I appreciate that. We do it differently but I am loving your ideas to make it more fun and more of a group effort.


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    Shay says

    So refreshing to hear of a real experience with Scripture! I used to feel guilty b/c my 4 knew parts of verses, or verses set to music, and some verses straight thru, but could not stand, hands folded and quote address, long chapter and exposition! But then God started showing me that it was the interaction that impacted with Scripture, and there are lots of ways to do that. We practice “hiding” God’s Word in our hearts in our van, shouting it, whispering it, typing it, writing it in shaving cream on the mirror, however we can get it in, along with the more traditional ways of copywork and quotation. There is so much creativity in His Kingdom, and thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to keep being diligent even if we seem a little crazy!

  7. 15


    I will definitely be doing this! Thanks for the idea! Oh, and I bought that little story book (thanks to your recommendation) and I love it. So pretty and written lovely. My kids caught on pretty quickly that it is not a literal Bible translation. We read it at bedtime.

  8. 16


    (clicking over from Ann’s link)

    LOVE this! Love, love, love it … a very real and tangible way to put it into practice. Thank you!
    ps…your kiddos are TOO cute!

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