WFMW: Deals

I’ve become a regular online shopper.

You know one of those people who give out their credit card to people on the Internet?

Yep. One of those.

I used to love (real life) shopping. But I’ve become all about efficiency and it’s pretty rare for me to take a “shopping trip” these days. My kids needed new jeans this fall, so I got them online with a discount code. We usually eat out with a coupon or Groupon and date nights are usually planned around some deal I’ve gotten. And don’t even get me started on buying handmade. I’d much rather shop with purpose or buy something I know wasn’t made in questionable conditions.

Here are my thoughts on buying online:

  • Don’t buy what you don’t need just because it’s a Great Deal.
  • Keep track of where/what you buy so it doesn’t expire (this is one of the ways these companies make their money)
  • ALWAYS search for a coupon code with name of store (via Google). You can almost always find 10% of or free shipping
  • Subscribe to deal bloggers who do most of the work for you
  • If you buy clothes, make sure you look closely at the stores size chart.
Here are some of my favorite deal sites: (some of these contain my affiliate link, which is a great way to stretch your buck):
Groupon (local and national deals)
Heartsy (Etsy deals)
Mamapedia (mom deals)
Plum District (mom deals)
No More Rack (one day sales)
I am amazed at the great deals that are available online! From family activities to oil changes to swim lessons, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve found. I’ve been sharing a Deal of the Day on my Facebook page for a few weeks. I’ve decided to also throw up a blog post whenever I find something I think my readers might enjoy.
Here are a few deals I’ve found lately:
Dayspring has an awesome coupon code (g0od only this week) that gives you 40% any item of your choice! It includes discounted specials like their canvases that are already 30% off. Use this code: NOVEMBER40
I just got this canvas and I am debating if I should give it away or make it my birthday present next month:

(I wanted y’all to see just how BIG it is!)
retail: $54.99 -30% off right now is $38.49 plus with the code above get an additional 40% off = $23.09
–Need photo Christmas cards? I ordered these yesterday:
Use this code to save 60%: CSSAVE604   I ordered 30 cards for around $27, but with the discount, I only paid $11 shipped (there’s always free shipping and you can add the return address to all the envelopes!) Yes, we are wearing black mustaches in our family picture.

Click on the button below to order your own:

–Get this fun Thanksgiving e-book completely FREE! It’s full of great recipes and crafts.
Click here (email required)

So, online deals are working for me!


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    When I’m ready to check out online, I open up a new window and go to They have coupon codes for almost every store online. Usually I can get free shipping, but sometimes I find really good coupons. I’m not afraid to try the “unreliable” ones and the expired ones. Sometimes they work, and the savings is worth the try!

  2. 3


    Online shopping works perfectly for me. too! Since I haven’t recovered from my illness completely and couldn’t go to the malls, I shop online. I usually buy from U.S. online stores. My favorites are Old Navy, Christian Book, DaySpring, Amazon, etc. and they are often delivered free to my sister’s address in California. My sister puts them all in a big box then ships the box to us by sea. It’s always a huge excitement for the whole family to receive our big box!

    I’ll also check your store list. Thanks for this!

  3. 4


    I LOVE online shopping!!! Alot of our Christmas gifts are coming from online if I’m not making them. The kids’ Scholastic orders are almost always online…if your teacher has an account with Scholastic and you place your order online, your teacher gets a free book (true!)…and always free shipping that way also. :)

    Groupon does travel deals now…did you know?

    Also, we will be wearing props for our Christmas cards this year also. I make ours and then print them out as 4×6 or 5×7 prints at Sam’s (cause I’m cheap like that). This year our cards will look like photo booth photos. :)

  4. 5


    As always–thanks for such a GREAT link-up.

    Also, on your Christmas card…Is that your front porch? Because that YELLOW DOOR just makes me SMILEY and HAPPY. I love love love it.

  5. 6


    Okay, one more thing. Another thing that makes me happy? The SMILEY BOX from Amazon. Especially at Christmas when Amazon boxes do all the hard work for me! (As if Christmas shopping is hard. I love it.)

  6. 7


    Your links don’t seem to be working, dear. :( I wanted to shop shop!!!!

    I think I have spent an average $150/month the last 3 months on online deals- but I have gotten my daughter a pair of glasses from a local optician with a warranty (for the same price as Zenni Optical), 5 pairs of boots and a pair of shoes, a night bowling, a night at a puppet show, 2 sleds, National Geographic magazine for a year, 4 guitar lessons, and 3 dance lessons for 3 of us (so 9 lessons) at a place we had been just dying to go, but couldn’t afford $20/lesson… $10 is better.

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    Moolala is another great online deal site.

    they do a mix of deals – products and services. They are sorted by city, so sometimes there are local deals as well.

    Plus, they offer a paymatrix, where you get a % of your own purchases and those of your referrals back as credit in your account. You can cash out or use it for another deal.

    (referral link)

  8. 12


    I love shopping online, but I’ve always been leery of shopping for clothes online. I guess it’s because i don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning them if they don’t fit…

    Thanks for the links to those coupon sites!

  9. 15


    Just finished ordering my cards. I’m in love with the fact that they are coming addressed and stamped for me! It’s like having a personal assistant! Thanks for the tip!

  10. 16


    Love a good deal and I LOVE the card! We did mustaches a couple years ago – before mustaches were “cool” – and my mom was mortified! She couldn’t believe we sent it out as our Christmas card but I loved it!

  11. 19


    Love all of the deal sites too, and the referral credits that can come with many of them! That’s how we go out to eat a lot of the time…for FREE! 😀 Can’t beat that!
    Thanks for the link up!

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