A Life Transformed

Last summer when we came to Mercy House (*Rehema in Swahili) we had 3 girls. One was so shocked from trauma, she barely spoke. Another was the most detached orphan I had ever seen and then there was Cindy.

She was bitter and disillusioned.

Hardened by extreme poverty and her situation, a scared little girl who was carrying a child she didn’t know if she wanted.

Last night she led the group devotion and every day she leads songs during morning devotion.

She loves her son deeply and is a good mother.

Well, I’ll let her tell you in her own words:

(Grab a tissue)



  1. 1


    Oh Cindy, when you said “My story is long” I thought, mine is too!

    God’s plan is good and you’re right, it IS all about God.

    I love seeing sweet little Nicholas on your lap. Nicholas is a very special name to me. And you are a very special girl.

    Give Kristin a big hug for me!

  2. 2


    I see what I saw in young Christians I met in Kenya…though they still don’t have much, they have Jesus – and they are so thankful, because they realize He is all we need!! Thank Cindy for sharing with us. She teaches me to remember to be more thankful ♥

    {And thank YOU and Maureen and everyone else for your obedience, love and faithfulness}

  3. 6

    Kim says

    It’s about loving and forgiving. Wiser words have never been spoken. I could learn much from you, Miss Cindy!

  4. 7

    Angela says

    Wow..what a wonderful video. Praise God for all that He has done in her life! Thanks for sharing with us, its such an encouragement!

  5. 8

    Jamie Garcia says

    I have no words. Thank you so much for following God’s plan. That child is alive and well b/c you did.

  6. 9


    i love this. thank you for sharing! her story is beautiful. praise the Lord for what He is doing!

    hearing her accent makes my heart ache. i miss it.

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