WFMW: State of the {Blog Carnival} Union

This isn’t really a State of the Union address, but I was feeling political.

Mainly because my son is wearing this for my parent’s church Trunk or Treat Halloween night:

I have hosted Works For Me Wednesday for many years now. I have written an ebook about it and I’ve enjoyed the countless helpful tips I’ve found. Lately, I’ve noticed so many blogs (more than I can count) linking up posts to this weekly carnival that have nothing to do with helpful tips. Please don’t do this. It really dilutes the effectiveness of WFMW. Please, link up a helpful tip (tips on any subject are welcomed: household, craft, recipes, parenting, etc, just tip-related) and then link back to Works For Me Wednesday, so others can join in. WFMW guidelines. I am not referring to any specific blog at all, just in general, I’ve noticed and others who enjoy helpful tips have too.

I obviously have too much on my plate to police the links each week, so I can’t prohibit this. But I will also be evaluating in the next few months if WFMW has perhaps run it’s course…

Enough of that.

Fingers crossed y’all get a lot of candy tonight!

Disclaimer: No candidates were harmed or political statements made in the creation of this post :)

Share your helpful tips!


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    I agree…I try to link up something that has truly helped me and usually, even if it’s not ‘tip’ focused, I find some great posts and blogs! :)

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    Kristin, I am so sorry! I am fairly new to your blog, and I love it! I must have missed the link up guides, somewhere along the way. I will be sure to make my posts a little more “tips” related from now on :)

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    I have been frustrated by the same thing on Top Ten Tuesday which I host (that used to be hosted at Oh Posts can be about anything, but need to be a ten list of some sort. I’m pretty flexible about what that looks like, but I have had a real influx lately of people linking up just regular posts. I only usually have to worry about 40 – 50 links ups, so I can’t imagine how frustrating it is with as large a list as WFMW.

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    I wanted to thank you so much for hosting. I totally understand how overwhelming it can be. However, you are allowing us all to connect and find all sorts of amazing tips and encouragement and ideas, and for that I thank you. Don’t feel bad should it ever become to much for you. You, your needs and your family come first. So don’t feel guilty letting go. I am sure that any one of us would be happy to take over hosting duties for a time to give you a break or be thankful for the opportunities you’ve given should you shut it down. No worries, my friend!

    Oh, and I love, love, love your son’s costume, lol!

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    Oh, no!!! I love your link up party!! It’s one of the few I make sure to come to every week!! I always find so many useful posts here, and I do link up many of my own. I will try to make sure they are more “tip” oriented. I didn’t realize it was for tips… I do so appreciate your party though. I get the most visits from your party as well. You have fantastic readers!!

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    Oops! I am “guilty as charged” this week. In my frenzy to get near the top of the link list, I read your post after I’d already linked up my crafty post. Will definitely be sure to adhere to your guidelines next week. Have a great day, Kristen and many congrats on Violet’s fundraising. Before I had the chance to talk to my hubs about donating, I read that you’d already met the goal. Bravo!

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