WFMW: Advent Roundup

I love this time of year! I’m trying to use this extra week after Thanksgiving, before December starts to catch up, so I can slow down. Dinner time is our time to connect as a family. We also do our Advent during this time. There are so many great options out there. I hope you enjoy a peaceful, meaningful Advent season too.

99 ideas to “fill” your days (and calendars) leading up to Advent

Special thanks to Dayspring for our beautiful Nativity.


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    Thanks for hosting Kristen! Your nativity scene is so sweet. We are so overrun with them at my house, we have to pick and choose each year which ones to use to keep from going overboard.

    This week, I shared a sweet, spicy, and decadent simmering potpourri recipe that doesn’t fill the air with fake scents that are harmful and toxic to us and our children.

    We’re kicking off the holiday season by filling our home with holiday cheer without the extra calories or need to actually bake anything. Ahhh how I love shortcuts.

    You can also get a sneak peek at our holiday preparations.

    The Official Scent of Christmas; A Simmering Potpourri Recipe

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    Great ideas – thanks! We have a traditional hanging calendar, and each day I slip a little piece of paper in with something to do, enjoy, make, etc. The kids REALLY love it, and I can look at the calendar up front and decide which are the busier days (read a Christmas book) and when we’ll have more time (drive around and look at lights).

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    We just bought the holiday countdown box that you featured a while ago from Day Spring. I love the little tiles for each day telling the stories of Christmas and Easter in a simple way that kids can understand. Thanks for all the advent ideas!

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    Kristen, after your last post about Dayspring, I went and purchased their “Lord, Bless This Home” wall hanging for our entryway and the Joshua 24:15 canvas for our kitchen in our very first HOUSE! Thanks for posting for Dayspring … what a privilege and honor! :~)

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