Wrecked: What Happens When You Meet God in Hell

When I wrote about walking into hell in March of 2010, I didn’t know how I would respond to what I experienced. In a million years, I never imagined what was ahead.

Two years ago this week, Mercy House became a non-profit.  I introduced you to our crazy, God-sized dream. I asked for your help.

As I lay in bed that night with my husband, he said, this is what it feels like to jump out of an airplane. We were free falling with our stomachs in our throats.

But so many of you said yes with us.

Mercy House is not my story, it’s our story.

I am amazed every day at the countless miracles He works on behalf of our young moms and babies in Kenya.

This 11 minute mini-movie was created by my local church several months ago to help tell the Mercy House story. I like how my husband ends the video by asking for prayer because “most often we are at the end of our rope when God steps in.”

Woodlands Point CC – Mercy House Kenya from neil sandoz on Vimeo.

Last week, you helped me raise $10,000 for Violet’s Story. She is being admitted into the hospital today for her life-changing surgeries. And another group of Compassion Bloggers are heading to Peru this week, please pray and  follow along with me.

I’m thankful for the wrecking and the beauty I’ve found in saying yes, for the community and support I’ve found in you.


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    I am so truly inspired by your story and by this video. It is amazing what your family has created and the changes you have made in so many lives because you trusted God’s plan for you. I loved, in the video when you say that your husband wanted to, “Give up the American dream and chase God wherever he might lead.” The images in the video and on your blog are horrifying. It is wonderful to know that there are people out there willing to take a chance and help those people. You both very much inspire me to be a better person and give my life entirely to others. Thank you.

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    Kit says

    Love this! Your story really is inspirational. And ha ha, I thought you guys would sound more “Texan” than that 😉

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    Erin says

    I am so touched by the stories you have shared here… thank you for responding to God’s call, and staying obedient to it, even when it is so hard. I am inspired to stop procrastinating, and to do what He has called me to.
    I am praying for Violet today.
    May God bless Mercy House Kenya. May His glory shine in every dark place of this earth.

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