WFMW: Do Something Unexpected

I’ve always been a play-it-safe-kind-of-girl.

God’s been having fun with me the past few years!

With a more adventurous life, I’ve gotten more bold in my home. I try new recipes, I only check my teen’s room once a week (sanity) and I’m not afraid of color any more. I have fallen in love with bright, explosive colors. Mid-life crisis? Maybe.

So, on a whim, I painted our kitchen island turquoise over the holidays:

Every time I walk thru the door, I smile.

Designer tip (from a home decor magazine): do something unexpected in every room! Love it.

It works for me!


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    Hey, Kristen, link #19 “Things You Shouldn’t Buy Before Baby” does not go to a blog post; it’s a link to a specific product on the Toys R Us site. You’ll probably want to take that down so Toys R Us or the maker of the product won’t get mad about it!

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    patti says

    I have almost the same set up in my kitchen as yours. I painted the kitchen Mango! Yes, Mango! It makes me happy.

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