WFMW: Google Reader Alternative


I don’t like change. Not a bit. I also don’t like to upgrade or fix things that aren’t broken. Makes being a blogger tricky with all the technology and whatnot.

Anyway, The Google has decided to shut down its Reader and that’s a bummer since I use it every single day. You might too. So, I thought Feedly was a good alternative (and easy since I just put in my Google account info) and it pulled up my list of blogs and sites I already subscribe too. This little post explains more about how Feedly works. I really like how it’s more visual than Google Reader.

If you subscribe to my blog via a RSS subscriber, you’ll want to try it too. Or you can have posts delivered painlessly right into your inbox by submitting your email at the end of this post. PLUS, every month I will be giving away a lovely item from The Vintage Pearl to a random subscriber. I’m nice like that.

So, while change doesn’t work for me, new things do.

*Completely random side note: The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
(best Bible ever) is only $1.99 for Kindle at Amazon. Perfect for family reading, especially these weeks before Easter!


  1. says

    I am glad to hear you recommend it. I have heard suggestions but no one has really recommended anything that’s worked for them. I need to switch soon! Thanks for hosting today.

  2. says

    Hi Kristen, happy to meet you and your family!
    This is my first time here, tx for the party
    I don’t like changes too… I agree: if it’s not broken don’t fix it :)
    I use bloglovin’ too: simple and customable, for me it’s not bad (and I’m following you with it!)
    I hope you like my summer sewing for my little girl, all made for FREE (free pattern/self drafted, fabrics/buttons from old clothes).

  3. Karen says

    The Jesus Storybook Bible is awesome! I LOVE giving it to adults who have trouble “understanding their bible”.

  4. Sara K. says

    Thank you for posting this Kristen! I was not very happy with Google when they made that announcement. I plugged all my feeds into My Yahoo but I really don’t like it. I miss my Google Reader already! I will try Feedly :)

  5. says

    I just got the msg from google when I opened my reader last week to catch up on blogs. But they didn’t say why.

    So I searched “feed readers” in my App Store & decided on Feedly and so far I really like it! Easy to use & it’s on my iPhone so I can catch up on my blog reading much easier now.

    PS–reading & commenting via Feedly on my phone right now! ;)

  6. Lori says

    I just a few minutes ago downloaded Feedly — so far so good — takes a little getting used to, but I think I can adapt

  7. says

    I am SO glad you wrote about Feedly. When I found out Google reader was shutting down, I did not know what to do about the blogs I follow (and smart me didn’t think to check the internet). Thank you!!

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