DIY Happy Sun Catcher

sun catcher

We love the sun even on cloudy days around here. Catching it can be tricky, but these super easy DIY sun catchers help. They cast some happy light in our home and we used items we hand on hand.  It was the perfect, simple project for a summer day. And these sun catchers are perfect for outdoors!

Supplies Needed:

Plastic pony beads-any color

Round metal cake pan


Fishing line

Three Easy Steps to Catch the Sun:

1. Put plastic beads in a metal cake pan (we also tried glass, but metal is better). We also put some beads in muffin tins to make smaller versions.


2. Heat oven to 400 degrees and bake beads for 30 minutes. (The beads do smell as they melt, but we left the back door open to let the sun in :)

photo copy

3. Cool and hang with fishing line. Some catchers had “natural” holes where there were spaces where we strung the lines. The rest, we drilled a small hole. And by we, I mean my son.



2013-06-18 05.35.45


Have a happy weekend!


  1. 1

    Beth says

    Hi Kristen….

    I love these. The kids and I tried them on Christmas Eve this year. Just a word of caution… We took a suggestion from the internet and melted them in our grill (so as not to stink up the house) and they ended up catching the grill on fire! Just wanted to caution your readers not to leave them unattended! Ours hadn’t been on very long and the grill certainly wasn’t over 400 degrees but I admit we weren’t keeping a very close eye on them. I may have to try them again, though…yours look great!

  2. 2


    Friend of mine posted on FB that they made these the other day and her suggestion was to replace a bead with a small metal nut so you don’t have to use a drill.

  3. 4


    We made these during the week! They turned out great. We even tried out a few different beads and most of them worked out well, but a few didn’t quite melt all the way. But the kids thought it was great. Even my 3 year old had a blast mixing colors. My 11 year old and 9 year old niece had the most fun. They were at it for over an hour. Thank you so much for sharing these. Ours didn’t leave any open holes and we didn’t have a small enough drill bit, so we just taped the fishing line to the sun catchers. It worked great.

  4. 5


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  5. 6

    jo says

    just did these today with grandkids, very pretty but they are cooled and wont come out of my metal cakepan

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