WMFW: Organization for School Art


I’m about to have a first grader (again). And you know what that means? There’s a lot of cute refrigerator art coming home weekly.

We love art in our house! (Here’s my son’s latest piece):


All year long, I stuff art projects into a box because I know I’ll want to keep some pieces forever. Here’s how we handle it:

  1. Each kid has a big plastic keepsake binder (here’s the one we use: Young Artist Studio My Art Portfolio)
  2. At the end of the year, my kids get to choose ONLY their favorite pieces that required the most work and that they are most proud of. (Usually we narrow it down to 5 things for my older kids, 10 for early elementary)
  3. We put them in the binder and toss the rest.
  4. If it’s an award winning piece (we had two this year make it on display at the Houston Rodeo- a big deal around these parts), we frame and hang them.

It works for us!


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    This is such a great idea!! Throw out the rest is what I should have done after saving just a sampling of their schoolwork each year!! I should have followed your advice years ago but you didn’t post it back when. Now, I have LOTS of schoolwork in my attic, lol!!

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    Great ideas. I have a big binder for my son, but need one for my daughter – the art pieces are way too big for a normal notebook binder! For weekly displays, I have picture wire (from IKEA) hanging under the kitchen counter (looks out into the family room) and I clip art from each child – easy to change and share!

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    Thanks Kristen!
    We literally get five pieces per week from our preschool… and love that they have them doing do much art, but our refrigerator is stainless, so anything fridge-worthy has to be taped up. We decided some time ago that only items our son decided we’re worth intentionally giving to one of us would be considered fridge-worthy. Even this will become unmanageable soon, with the twins enrolled in tge same day care, so thanks for the great long-view strategy!

    HD Fuller

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    Thank you for hosting, and enjoy back to school! I am number 259 — Yukon Gold “French Fries” which are fast, easy, quick, cheap and delicious.

    Number 260 — Encourage Your Child to Read. Doesn’t matter if our children are homeschooled, or private or public schooled, we parents remain the primary means of showing them the wonderful world of reading.

    Number 261 — How Not to Evangelize — a number of people, who really hashed up the message, kept me from accepting the message of Christ for a long time. It’s such an important message, we might want to think twice about our delivery methods.

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