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Thank you so much for being a part of my story.  This book or my yes would have never happened without so many of you joining me in this journey. So, thank you. I value your friendship and thank God for each of you. Writing this book was an act of obedience for me. So with that in mind, no matter what happens in terms of success or failure, my goal is to glorify Jesus. Please pray with me that people are inspired to say yes to God!


Book release: Thursday, May 1, 2014

I’d love to invite you to help me share about Rhinestone Jesus in a variety of ways. There’s no pressure at all, but here are a few suggestions:

Pre-launch: anytime from now until May 1 release and afterwards:

1. Tweet, FB, Instagram the pre-order incentive:


2. Tweet, share, FB, Instagram #rhinestonejesus #yesinmymess on Social Media. Your pictures will show up on the #yesinmymess feed on the book page.


May 1 and beyond

3. Write a post on your blog: Ideal Post Times: Anytime between Monday, April 20- May 5, 2014

I’d love to have the majority of posts on the release day, May 1 …But really anytime would be so appreciated. Thank you! There are a limited amount of books available for giveaways (the first 40 blogs who send an email to can get on their list).

The book trailer will be available on release day (I will email it to everyone a couple of days before the release in case you’d like to add it to your posts).

Please send me the link to your post and I will add it to the book tour linky and share it on social media.

Post Topic Ideas

  • Why your small yes matters
  • Small Yeses- What is a small yes you’ve answered that’s had a big impact?
  • How do you lead your family instead of letting it lead you?
  • Changing the world starts with ______
  • What God-sized dream are you most afraid of?
  • Moving from artificial faith to the real thing
  • What is the life you always thought you’d be living right now?
  • Here are xxx ways I’m going to start small today
  • How I woke up from the American Dream
  • I can say yes to motherhood/marriage/ministry by……

4. Write a review on Amazon (available once book releases on May 1): Amazon reviews are so important for books. This is such a practical way to support a book you like!

5. Join the Rhinestone Jesus Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a Twitter campaign that sends out group tweets all at once to make an impact on release day. We need 100 people to join in for the campaign to work. You can sign up here:

6. Share pins, links, tweets, trailer, etc. on Social Media #rhinestonejesus #yesinmymess

7. Guest post your Yes to God on my blog (I’ve had around 37 people ask to join in and I’m working on a schedule for the next several months starting in May. I will email this to everyone soon. I can’t wait to read your stories).

Helpful Links

 My blog: We are THAT Family

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My Yes (non-profit supported by blog readers): Mercy House Kenya

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Pre-order page (that will be in effect until the May 1 release):

The book is on Amazon here.

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Social Media


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“Your yes matters. #yesinyourmess
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“I’m trading my sparkles for the real thing”
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“I said yes! You can, too!”
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“God isn’t waiting for you to clean up your mess. He’s just waiting on you to yes in your mess.”
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“There aren’t big or small yeses in God’s kingdom. Every yes matters.”
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“I’m moving from safe faith to wild obedience!”
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“Changing the world starts with a small yes.”
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“When you don’t know where to start, #startwithyes”
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 Book Club or Online Discussion Questions

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