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Bed Head

I’ve got beds on the brain.
And unfortunately, it has nothing to do with me getting into one.
(Although I do have an excuse with a killer sinus infection.) Okay, I did type this from bed, so there’s that.
Anyway, here’s the 411. I’ve always wanted to say that:
My toddler is 29 months old. She is fully potty trained (even at night!) and busy. 
And she is still in her crib.
She’s climbed out twice, but I put the fear of God into her, plus she thinks alligators will eat her toes if she does it again.
Her room is the largest room upstairs because it’s a remodeled game room.  We don’t have a guest room and I want to replace the crib with a full size bed. 
Follow me, this is where it gets confusing.
My oldest child has been begging for the larger room with a big bed her entire life (dramatic emphasis, all hers). I promised when her baby sister moved to a big girl bed, I’d switch the rooms.
So, basically, the two year old gets the yellow and pink room with the white twin bed and the 9 year old gets the old toddler nursery.
Got it?
More info: Bedroom furniture is expensive, but I’ve been piecing together some marvelous pieces (we’re going black shabby chic) and my garage is my current workspace.
I’ve just got this piece to paint black, the bed:
The dilemma: I’m unmotivated to finish said bed because I don’t know when to make the switch to a big bed and a new room. And I don’t know how to do it without disturbing my toddler’s sleeping/potty-trained cycle. 
What do y’all think?
I’m afraid.
P.S. I’m linking this to The Inspired Room’s Procrastination Party because I need accountability.
And painters and movers. 
I finished the bed! And I’ve spent the last two days moving furniture around.
But I love the results!
Remember the before (my garage sale find):

And the after:
And tonight, my two year old will be sleeping in her big girl bed (in her sister’s old room).
I’d appreciate you sending happy {sleepy} thoughts her way!
P.S. I’ll be sharing more details of this room makeover in the next couple of weeks in my DIYP series!

Creating a Frugal Home

[This is a continuation of yesterday’s post The Difference Between Thrifty & Frugal]
Frugal living is a big learning curve for this convenience-loving girl who is addicted to clearance shopping (whether I need it or not!)
(But don’t panic, if it’s more than 75% off and I can get my thrifty hands on it, I will be stockpiling my bargain finds. It’s hard to teach an old shopper new tricks. I’m also planning a new DIYP series called Dollar Store Decor, coming soon to a blog near you.)
But in these unstable days, I want something greater than the best bargain out there:
I want to gather my family around me and protect them from the world I cannot trust. I want to cocoon, to become more self-sufficient.
I don’t know how to make bread. I don’t know how to grow a garden. I don’t know how to can food or store it away for lean times. I don’t know how to sew. But I want to (especially after reading this amazing post). 
Every time I visit my in laws farm, I’m surprised at how self sufficient they are. They don’t rely heavily upon modern conveniences. They rely upon the land. I feel useless without the Internet or a Target. But in a way, I envy their simple life. 
While I don’t see myself packing up and turning this blog into We are THAT Family: The Green Acres Edition, I desire to simplify.
Will times get harder? Will I need to know how to survive on less because I must? Will the unstable job market knock on my door?  I don’t know.
But I want to turn my thrifty home into a little more of a frugal one.
Either way.
Because I think it will feel really good to work together as a family and create and provide for each other. 
Want to join me?
Here are a few of my goals to become a little more frugal and a lot more self-sufficient:
  • Cut back expenses and get out of debt-we owe on one car and our house, but have six months of living expenses tucked back. We are saving as much money as we can and trying to pay off our car by Christmas. My advice: get out of debt, don’t add more. Dave Ramsey has a workable plan.
  • Eat at home
  • Learn to bake bread
  • Learn to grow food
  • Learn to can food and create a stockpile
  • Buy second hand (more than just kid’s clothes). I’m challenging myself to look for used instead of new (This one scares me!)
  • Balance- I’m looking forward to learning new things with my family, but I want to remember balance is important.  I don’t think being an extremist will benefit my family. I want to be honest with myself and with you. For example, I will plan to drink Chick Fil A sweet tea regularly and go to Family Camp this summer (mainly because we finished paying for it in December!) and continue my life, but thru frugal-colored glasses.

[I’m hoping to add these books to my library soon Frugal Living for Dummies ,Chick Living: Frugal And Fabulous and The Self Sufficient-ish Bible: An Eco-living Guide for the 21st Century] 

I’m going to chronicle my journey and share what I learn along the way, pitfalls and all.]
I’m hoping what I share will be helpful, but I’m completely prepared for hilarity. 

You know, because it’s me.

How About a Little Tour?

I am hooked on houses.
I love getting a peek into other people’s nests, with permission. I am not a peeper, just so ya know. But I find it inspiring to see how other people live in their decorated world.
My perfect day would include a looksie at the newest model homes in my town (camera and
notepad in hand) and a drive through the country, picking out my next house.  Really, just ask my hubby. (He likes doing it too).
I enjoy hunting the multiple listings of homes all over the United States. I dream of moving to an old home or a new home on old land. It’s a hobby, And it’s free! Weird, huh?
But when the day turns to night. There is one place I love to be: HOME.  
Welcome to my spot of the world, where all my little people live. Today it is here, tomorrow? Who knows…..
{The Kitchen, It’s a nice place to heat up Take Out}

Here’s how I painted my kitchen cabinets black!
And here’s some other Do-It-Yourself projects.
{Breakfast Nook that opens to the Kitchen}
My favorite spot in my kitchen is my pantry!  My hubby built the screen door to give it the country feel I’ve always wanted!

More of our house:

DIYP #13-Easy, Mess-Free Tie-Dying

Welcome to this weekend’s project!  I had several people ask me if we made our Family Camp tie-dye shirts and I’m hoping they asked because they liked them.
You know I just had the thought maybe they were asking because it’s not easy finding such hideous clothing at actual stores. 
If it’s the second one, don’t tell me, m’kay?
I’ll just proceed now.
Tie-dying at home has always invoked horrible visions, until my daughter brought home this idea from Science Camp. It’s super easy and basically mess-free!
Take a white t-shirt, rubber band and small cup. Place cup inside shirt and put the rubber band over the cloth.  Like so:

Grab some colorful permanent markers-I used Sharpies and draw about a quarter-size design.  You can get creative here.  My daughter did a lot of circles in different colors and my son did some unique shapes (I’m still not sure what to call them!)
Drop about 20 drops of Rubbing Alcohol onto the Sharpie drawings. (If you add too much, it will bleed thru to the back of the shirt-See hubby’s shirt).

Remove the rubber band and pick another spot on the shirt.

Try it.  It’s really fun and it took my kids several hours over a couple of days to make theirs.  A perfect indoor activity!

DIYP #10-Easy, Cheap & Terribly Adorable Wall Letters

Welcome to this weekend’s DIY project.
I’ve mentioned my scrap booking guilt before.  I actually started my weekly carnival, Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You, to share some of the pictures that will never be cut with crinkle scissors.  I also wanted to show off my  ‘fro.  

Because I’m vain. Because verbalizing is therapeutic.
I wanted to create a unique, inexpensive piece of art for my baby’s nursery.  I’ve heard about all the fancy scrap book altering out there and ran across this great article, Altered chipboard letters.
And so, this is what I did with all the unused scrap paper I possess.  
I bought 4 chipboard letters, they cost around $1.50 each.  They come in a variety of sizes, but I wanted mine to make a statement, so I bought 4″ ones.  You can find some just like it here: Chipboard letters.
This is what they look like:
Next, choose some scrap book paper that speaks to you. The nursery is green, black and red (Frog Princess), so I chose patterns in those colors I liked.
Then I traced the chipboard letter onto the paper. Cut it out and glued the scrap book paper to the letter, like so:
For one of the letters, I enlarged a snapshot of a newborn picture and traced the chipboard letter on the back of the photograph.  I cut it out and glued it to the chipboard. 
Like this:

I applied a light coat of Decoupage over the letters to give them a finished look.

Here’s it all put together.  This is one of my favorite corners in my house.

I attached the light-weight letters to the wall with sticky poster tabs.  You can spell any name or words and decorate to match any room!  This is a really easy, versatile project and the whole thing cost less than $10!

DIYP #8- Recycled Crayons

I have an easy DIYP for this weekend!  It’s fun and kid-friendly. And it’s a great lesson in recycling.

My kids love crafts, especially my oldest daughter.  About 42.9 times a week (averages higher in the summer) she wants to get crafty.  It’s exhausting and she doesn’t believe that folding clothes is considered an art form in some remote places.

The other day, the kids were coloring and drawing.  It began to lose it’s appeal and the craft begging began.  I took one look at their pathetic collection of old, broken crayons and before I had a chance to call myself a bad mom, I said:

1. Tear the paper off of broken crayons. 

2. Place broken crayons into paper liners of muffin tin.  (We did all different colors:  red, white, blue, pastels, Christmas colors.)

3. Preheat oven to 275 degrees and bake crayons for 10 minutes. (My kids loved watching these melt in the oven).

4. Let them cool and peel off paper.

5. Impress your kids. Just like that!

My toddler thought they looked good enough to eat!

In the winter edition of Family Fun Magazine, I saw this same idea. But they put the crayons in heart-shaped muffin tins and attached them to Valentine’s. My kids would love to share these with their friends.

DIYP #7-Giving Old Things New Life

I like old things. But I’m not really an antique collector.  
I’m not that refined.  I’m a collector of old stuff.
If I see an ancient metal bucket in one of my in-laws rickety barns or an old handmade bird house sitting on the side of the road. I know I could put them to use.
Oh, I’m so kidding about scrounging up free junk and then decorating my home with it.
Or not.
I think there are people paid to do this.  They are called garbage collectors. 
Yep, I’m comfortable with that title.  Because the used shoe fits nicely.
My mom asked me once, “When you guys get some money, will you buy new things?”
Why would I do that? And what does money have to do with it?
Here are some of my favorite old things, I’ve found new uses for:
1. An old blanket chest that looks lovely wearing red, serving as a coffee table.
2. In my entryway, I have an old dresser without drawers.  I use the top to display seasonal stuff and the shelves as a shoe rack for my kids.
3. My hubby pulled these old window out of a condemned building in Miami.  All you have to do is ask!  The old screen costs $5 at a Flea Market.
4. An old shoe drying rack, I use as kitchen shelves.  I fell in love with this piece at a second hand store.  It came just like that with all the flaking paint!
5. I love my old $10 wagon!  It’s rusty and squeaky and the perfect planter!
6. I’ve had a small (albeit useless) collection of glass doorknobs for years.  How do you like them as a window covering in my bathroom?  The curtain is a single panel that I draped over the knobs. Do you think I would make The Nester proud with this window mistreatment?
7. I bought this little red metal medical table at a flea market for $15.00.  I cleaned it up and let the chipped paint add character to my bathroom.  It holds magazines, kleenex, and other bathroom incidentals. 
8. My battered front porch bench that I rescued from a garage sale for $25.  I love this old bench.  Someone put a cute tin skirt on it to cover up some damage.  Matilda, my rag doll, welcomes our guests and reminds people not to ring the door bell during nap time.
And yes, that would be a dirty diaper on the bench.  What can I say?  It was a doozy!  

So, the next time you come across something old and useless, turn it into something new and useful!

Food for the Soul:

Romans 6:4 “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.”

Get ready for a fun giveaway on Monday! Hint: Take a picture of yourself in your apron because the Apron Queen is visiting THAT family! Really-get your pictures ready!

DIYP #6- Marble Magnets

I was given some adorable marble magnets a few months ago and I love them.
Since my 8 year old was doing the ‘let’s do a craft together’ speech, and the toddler was taking a nap the other day, I thought these would be a fun project.
It was so easy, my little girl did most of the work. 
We dug through my assortment of scrapbooking paper (all 7 sheets of it) and she decided on a beach theme. 
Here’s what you need:
scrapbooking paper, flat, transparent marbles, glue (I used Elmer’s), small magnets
1. She cut out a few of the objects on the paper- a flip flop, sand dollars, a sea crab and some coconuts.  We just traced a marble over the paper.
2.  Then she cut out the circles.
3. She put a spot of glue on a marble and stuck it to the paper.
4. We let it dry and then attached a magnet.  We used the super tiny magnets, but you can use whatever you have or can find.
It only took about 10 minutes to make these and they turned out really cute.  Six of them fit an Altoids tin and would make a really cute gift.
We stepped it up a notch and printed our names on a piece of red toile scrapbook paper.
Here’s what is on my ‘fridge:
She enjoyed herself so much that she has declared this her new business.  You can place an order any time and she’s priced the magnets at $10.99, a piece. She’s saving for a RipStick and what with gas prices, she’s got a lot of overhead!