DIY: Pallet Headboard



She saw a pallet headboard at a flea market and had to have it.

I saw the price tag and said keep walking.

But my 13 year old daughter didn’t forget the bed and she showed a picture to her Dad and batted her long lashes for months. She didn’t know if he could make it, but she knew he would try.

Because he’s that kind of a Dad.

Supplies for our $50 Pallet Headboard:

2-3 weathered pallets

2 2×4’s

light kit (optional)

Old barn wood would have worked well, but we couldn’t find any. So my husband asked a local store for a couple of pallets and got them for free (score!) Prying off the pieces of weathered wood was the hardest part of this project. But Terrell had plenty of helpers.

photo 2 copy

photo 1

Once the wood was off the pallet, it was nailed to the 2×4’s.

photo 3

My hubby found a cool vintage-looking lamp kit at Home Depot and cut a hole to attach it. It plugs into the wall.

We lightly white-washed the wood for a funky feel and moved it upstairs to my daughter’s room.

photo 2

She is thrilled with it! And she’s pretty impressed with her Dad. “Mom, I’m going to marry someone just like him someday. A man who can do anything!”

2013-06-25 22.45.22

I think she likes it.

And I like him even more.


  1. 4


    LOVE that headboard!!! my daughter just got the exact same bedding – would there be any chance you could show us more of the room?? We are still trying to figure out how to decorate my daughter’s ….


  2. 7


    Love this, so cute and i love willing dad’s, pretty sure that will be my husband once my daughter starts batting her lashes at him too :)

  3. 10

    Ann W says

    OK – so I have loved your blog from the moment I found it several months ago – I have devoured it! I love that your daughter wants to marry a man like her daddy! I love that her daddy tried to make her something she really wanted – I love that she didn’t throw a fit when you said no. I love that she was willing to help – and that all the kids got involved – my heart smiled at this post!

  4. 11

    Jennifer says

    Beautiful headboard and wonderful family project :)
    I hate to be the bad guy here, but please be sure to put a ton of poly on it. Pallets can be SO contaminated. You can find anything from pesticides to flour residue on them. You never know where they’ve been or what’s been on them. I’d hate for her to be breathing that every night.
    Again, sorry for being the bad guy, but unless you know exactly what’s been on them, you never know. I had never thought about it before, and then they had that huge recall of children’s medicines a few years back because the ingredients had been shipped on pallets that had previously been used for bad chemicals/pesticides, etc.

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  13. 23

    Casey says

    What size bed does your daughter have?

    I have a full and am using 3 pallets. Do you think that’s enough?

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  18. 28

    Meghan says

    Hey!!! I absolutely love this! For the light….is it a wall lamp installed into the headboard? When I search lamp kit on the home depot website I don’t find anything like the beautiful lamp you’ve installed!!! It’s looking like a wall lamp I just don’t want to buy the wrong kind of light.

    Thank you so much, I absolutely love this headboard, the light was a wonderful touch! So glad I found your link on google, a hidden gem! =]

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