WFMW: DIY Prayer Board


I love love love inspiring, intentional home decor.

And so when I saw this project my sweet friend Justina posted on Facebook, I knew I had to make it.

But I also know that I have to do laundry first and I didn’t want y’all to have to wait for me to get to it. So, I asked Justina to share this beautiful idea with you.

1. I just took an old unattractive picture out of the frame, painted it with one coat of paint I had on hand.

photo 2

2. I used thumb tacks & twine to finish it.

photo 1

3. After it dried, I hung it in a central place in our home:

photo copy 3

4. And added the faces we have been praying for by name during our little Devo time every night, and I can’t even explain how awesome it’s been for our family. I want to add mini flags to represent where everyone is in the world.
photo copy 2
P.S. While praying for our missionary & ministry friends, we now pray with our eyes open!


Thanks so much for sharing, Justina! Isn’t this the best idea, y’all? I love the visual reminder and I can’t wait to make one! I think it’s the perfect place to add our Compassion kid’s pictures and those we pray for regularly.

And seeing my family on that board, definitely works for me.



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    What a fun project! I’d like to make one of those sometime for the kids papers…although it would have to be wall sized with all the papers they want hung on the fridge. :) Thanks for the party!

  2. 5


    I love these simple and artsy kinds of solutions that provide a beautiful centerpiece in a room, but also remind us who to pray for, Kristen. I’m in a marriage prayer group and we pray daily for each others’ marriages. I always try to picture each couple’s faces when I’m praying for them, but this would be a great way to really “see” who they are as I pray! Thanks for this and for hosting!

  3. 6


    Just found your site. I love the variety of this link up. I added a gluten free and vegan recipe from a chef I recently interviewed. (English Pea….) I look forward to checking out many of the links here.


  4. 9


    Thank you for hosting the linkup! The prayer board is a great idea and one our family will try. I am so glad that you added you pray with your eyes open now, that is something we have talked about because the kids can’t remember and want to see who they are praying for at our prayer times!

  5. 11


    I love this idea! I usually keep Christmas cards stuck to the side of the fridge throughout the entire year as a reminder to pray for those who sent them, but this is a much lovelier way to display them. Thanks for the tip!

  6. 12


    What a great idea! We currently have lots of pictures on our refrigerator of missionaries and other people we are praying for, but I like this idea much better. And it would help me to de-clutter the front of my fridge!

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