In the Name of the Father, the Son and a Big Sister

I tossed my three year old girl in the tub with her ten year old big sister the other night.

(I asked permission from my oldest first…she still has a lot of little girl left in her and welcomed the toys. Oh, and I didn’t actually toss my toddler).
They played and splashed and I went to the kitchen for just a minute, until I heard my youngest crying.
I hurried back in to my oldest BEAMING and my youngest sniffling.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Mom, guess what?” my oldest said in a very excited voice. “I helped her ask Jesus into her heart! She repeated a prayer after me!”
“Honey, that’s great,” I said, watching my toddler nod her head in agreement, with a giant tear rolling down her cheek. “But why is she crying?”
“Oh. Well, I also baptized her.”
(No sprinkling here, people. Full immersion)
(And, later on my toddler told me “Baby Jesus gotted in my heart by my belly button”. We don’t split theological hairs here, either).


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    Aren't these experiences just HEART-MELTING? My 4-yo has told me for a year now that Jesus lives in her tummy. Every now and then she'll tell me she wants him to come out so she can hug him! So, is your oldest considering being a missionary? It sounds like she's got a heart for it!

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    This SO made me think of my own girls….something they would totally do. I just read it to my 12yr old and before I even got to the line, she smiled and said, "She baptized her." :) Because that's what SHE would have done. Love it. It'll be a memory they share forever.

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    When my son was four, he asked me how he could ask Jesus into his tummy. When he was about 9, he finally "got" it and was really baptized! What was going on between 4 and 9 between him and God, though, was pretty entertaining. I love the theology of children!

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    What a touching moment between sisters! And good for you…this is proof that you are leading your children down the right path. Confirmation that you're doing things right is awesome!!

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    Very funny!!! Belly buttons are great for explaining all kinds of things. My 2 year old thinks that is where her little sister is going to come out. She also tries to tickle and talk to her little sister through my belly button too!

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    If you're at all like me, you enjoy having some type of control around the family – especially concerning important things. So I'm guessing there was a bit of uneasiness on your part thinking "wait a minute, I didn't plan this out this way!". That's where I'd be. But, of course, then I'd laugh and thank God for reminding me HE is the one in control. And I'd be crying over my beautiful children's hearts. love your blog.

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    hysterical!! and precious!!
    I love kids!

    My kids are terrified of baptism because of the lack of sprinkling!! I think it will be a long time before they take that step!! ha ha!

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    Hi Sweetie, I don't comment here much…OK…I guess I am one of those stalkers (o: Just had to tell you how incredibly sweet that story is.
    My 2 year old Granddaughter (who is 8 now) once told me Jesus was in her heart. She thought for a minute and got all 'Big Eyed'… and he can't get out. She indicated the snaps on her Jammies (o:

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    That is hysterically funny…maybe because I could see my oldest doing the same thing. I tried reading to my DH but couldn't stop laughing!

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    LOL – great story. My son(who is now 13) did the same thing to his poor kitten a few years ago. He watched some youths from our church get baptized and I guess that got him thinking….after a few days of chatting on what baptism meant and how it was done, I put him in the tub for his nightly bath. Within minutes I hear this horrible screeching sound then see something FLY through my living room and the speed of light! Startled I ran into the bathroom to check on my then 7 year old child, whom I found calmly washing his feet. "What was that?" – Innocent son says "Our cat came to know Jesus, so I baptized him…." as if that were perfectly acceptable…..full immersion too, no lame sprinklers at my house!

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    That is sensational. Especially the excitement of your older daughter and that fact that she understood the whole idea of baptism.

    Wont it be funny if one day you are asked to write the preface in a Christian book she authors or introduce her as she speaks at a womens convention, and you can tell this story!

    Julie in Australia

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    Wonderful news – and hilarious too!

    What a testimony your wee one will have to share when she is older!

    PS when my youngest asked me to "pray the special prayer" I told my pastor who joked that "Now your work on earth is done – all your kids have asked the Lord into their hearts!" – I replied I hope not, I have lots more to give :)

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    I love this story; it made me giggle! And it's much better than the bathtime story I recently shared on my blog. Mine was a lot more gross, but maybe not so funny (in an adorable way!).

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    Let me just say how much I love this blog. Pretty please come by mine and comment on something? You'd do me a great honor. 😉 I love your posts, so short and sweet and pretty knee-slapping funny. Thanks.

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    Anita says

    Our oldest son led his brother to Jesus from the corner where he was standing for a little ‘face to the wall, time out.’ Younger had questions, answers came from the corner, along with simple instructions on ‘how to’ and a little boy came to Christ and it stuck. He is now a wonderful husband and father of our two sweet grand girls! Sometimes a little quiet contemplation and repentance are just what is needed (for everyone concerned.)

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